5 Really Good Reasons To Date Your Guy Friend

I used to think I was doing myself a favor by instantly friend-zoning the men I met. I make new friends like strippers make money — frequently, at a high volume, and with very little effort. With that, I found life a lot less complicated when I only established platonic friendships. As I grew older though, all of that changed for me. I realized that the reason I felt that there were no good men left to date is because I was friends with all my candidates! So, what was a girl to do? I didn’t leave myself any other option, and I’m […]


How Long Should I Wait For Someone To ‘Be Ready’ To Commit?

I read a meme on Facebook that said, “No matter how much he likes you, if you’re still single, he doesn’t like you that much.” At first, I agreed. Then I didn’t. Then I realized that really there was an underlying question that would make or break this confusion for me. He could really like you, but he could be waiting on the right time or he could be the kind of person this meme is implying–meaning he could just be full of sh*t. The real question here is how long should I wait for someone to be ready to commit to me? […]

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What It’s Really Like To Date A Woman Who Is On Her Sh*t

Confident, beautiful, and on her sh*t. There isn’t really another way to describe the woman who is about her business. Dating an ambitious woman should be your goal, fellas. Sure, I’ll go ahead and say it… she might seem like a b*tch at first, but she’s just serious about where she’s going in life. There are a ton of benefits as to why this kind of woman should be the lady you’re looking for, but I’ll just point out a few to get you started. Here’s what it’s really like to date a woman who is about her business. Let’s get into it! She has […]


7 Things To Remember When Being A Single Mom Is Overwhelming AF 2

Being a parent is a full-time job that you get paid in poopy diapers and gum-filled smiles for–which are totally worth it, by the way. Although your baby means the world to you, that doesn’t change the fact that you might start to feel overwhelmed with being mommy after some time has passed. I’ve been a mother for a little over two months now and the pressure is really on. Harper needs more from me now than she did in her earliest stages and naturally, that need with grow with time. With that, I’m still learning to adjust to what […]

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15 Signs Your Relationship Is On The Right Track

Dating is risky, but sometimes you get lucky and stumble upon a great woman or man. I’m not saying that its guaranteed that things will last forever, but if you see some of these signs within your relationship now, then I think it’s safe to say that your relationship is on the right track! Let’s get into it! You’re paying attention to the small things that matter to one another. It’s the small things–the simple things that really show how much someone means to you. You’re patient with one another. Love takes patience. It takes the willingness to know that things are […]

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PODCAST: Why It’s So Hard Finding Commitment In 2016 2

You’re either single, in a relationship, engaged, or married. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


7 Real Life Reasons You Can’t Get It Up

Dear Men, Let me introduce you to the absolute greatest ‘no-no’ in the do’s and don’ts of sex—not being able to get it up. I shared with you what it’s like being a highly sexual woman and I’m telling you, nothing is more offensive than you going limp during sex or not even being able to get it up in the first place. If you’re mind is preoccupied, it’s okay to say “Baby, not tonight.” There’s nothing worse than being in the mood and your soldier decides he’s not fighting any battles tonight.  You may not have tried to do […]