3 Effortless Ways to Show Entrepreneurs Support

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One of the main things I feel is often misconstrued about entrepreneurship is that it is the efforts of one person alone. For those of us who are entrepreneurs, we completely understand that this is not the case. Although there is a great deal of work that we must do on our own, the main thing we need other people for is SUPPORT. You may not realize how important your support is to the overall entrepreneurial process, but that’s what I’m here to shed a little light on today. Here are 3 effortless ways to show entrepreneurs support. Let’s get into it!

Social Media Sharing

I’d be willing to argue that this the easiest and in some ways most beneficial way to show an entrepreneur your support. When you share their work with the people you are connected with online, it gives the entrepreneur access to an entirely new audience and set of people that they may not have been able to reach on their own. One share goes a long way… especially with the number of different social media sites out there today. You will also learn that it doesn’t take a whole lot from you to share what you like because most times there are easy-share buttons (like the ones found at the bottom of this article) that make social media sharing just one easy click away! It’s very likely that if you share what you like, others will see it, like it, and share it too! Also, keep in mind that actions are reciprocated. If you’re willing to show an entrepreneur your support, I can almost guarantee you that they will be willing to show the same support to you when that same time comes in your life.

Word of Mouth

When you know someone who is pursuing their dreams and/or becoming an entrepreneur, TELL EVERYONE. Help them walk in their purpose by telling other people about their goals, accomplishments, and talents. To be honest, I love being able to brag on the creativity and hard work of my friends. It motivates me and also makes me proud to say I keep such great people around me. When you’re willing to verbally tell someone about what an entrepreneur you know is doing, it helps in a number of ways. The word of mouth makes them seem a bit more credible and reputable. It opens doors for incredible networking opportunities. It also shows the entrepreneur that you are confident in and proud of what they are choosing to do with their life–and that says a lot! Don’t be too proud to share the light of others. We all need each other to continue to make our marks on the world.

Tell them you support them.

This may be the most slept on form of support out there. Generally when we look at ways to show support, I feel we forget just how important encouragement and gratification are. The one thing I can guarantee you is that the entrepreneur you’re supporting has gotten weak and weary in the journey of entrepreneurship. They need to hear that they are doing a good thing. They need to hear that they should continue pursuing something that, to them, may feel like the worst mistake of their life. When you can build that person up and encourage their spirit you are bringing them back to life just a little more than they were before. In other words, you’re creating a new positive fire in their hearts to keep following their heart and chasing their dreams.

Don’t forget that yes, most entrepreneurs need monetary support as well. If they’re selling a book, or clothes, or whatever they deem their product… support it while you can. Sacrifice eating McDonald’s twice this week and support the people who need you most. I promise you they will never forget that you were there for them in the beginning stages when their big dream starts to become a reality!





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