5 Habits Every Successful Person Has (& Why You Should Adopt Them)

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If you knew better, you’d do better.

It takes about 23 days of consistency for a habit to become a habit. 2013 had some great moments for me, but I’d be lying if I said there was nothing I really needed to improve on. Can you relate? Setting goals can be a tedious task and most times doesn’t turn out the way we planned initially. Our minds and bodies tend to rebel one another when it comes to goals unless you have excellent discipline–and most of us don’t. Instead of setting a goal, you should develop habits that allow you to do things you normally wouldn’t with ease. Here are 5 habits every successful person has. Let’s get into it!


Waking up early.

The early bird catches the worm. Simple as that. The earlier you wake, the more time you allow for power moves.

Eating healthy.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Successful people make sure that they are getting balanced meals and eating frequently enough to stay focused on their tasks. Eating healthy is a great way to maintain a good weight and will leave you with plenty of energy to get sh*t done! 

Reading daily.

Whether reading more or starting to read period, this is definitely a habit everyone should have. I don’t know one single successful person who would say that they are as successful as they are without reading! Reading can help with so many short-term goals. It also fosters discipline. Anything that is done consistently, but isn’t always the most fun thing to do requires discipline.

Being kind.

We may not think we need to improve much in this area, but practicing kindness can mean so much more than not cursing someone out when you want to or saying please and thank you. Kindness changes lives. Be the change you want to see. I’ll admit that not all successful people are nice, but that’s where your personal definition of success comes in. I wouldn’t really say that someone who is mean and unhappy is all that successful. I’m just saying.

Practicing their craft.

As I always tell you guys, foster your passion! No matter what it is, do one thing daily towards making that skill better. Diligence pays off and I know for a fact that every person who is truly successful worked their ass off to get there. Practice every day. Do the work that it takes to become successful. The more you practice the further you will go. 

These are just a few habits every successful person has, but the list goes on! Take a minute to put some thought into what other habits you want and why you need them. I have faith in you. Don’t wait until New Years Day. Start today! Don’t forget that as long as you have breath, it’s never too late to start or start over.
Here’s to improvement.

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