5 Reasons to NEVER Be Normal Again

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I believe if you asked someone who knew me to describe me in any number of words, not once would someone say “normal.” You know, to be honest, I really dislike the word normal. I think it takes so much potential away from whatever word it is in front of or whatever person or object it’s being used to describe. The life I live isn’t really for everyone, but even if you’re not as a free of a bird as I am, let me share just a few reasons to never be normal again. Let’s get into it!


You’ll stand out.

If you hadn’t noticed, I cannot stand to look like the next person. I usually keep my hair a bright, high energy color and I get tattoos in very visible places because I like to think of my body as my canvas. It’s not just about appearance though. You’ll stand out in spirit as well if you can let go of the “normal” way of doing things.

Creativity takes less thinking.

When you live life without worrying about being normal and truly start to see the beauty in being your true self, you’ll learn that being creative doesn’t require a whole lot. You’ll put on whatever kind of outfit you want not worrying about whether or the color matches or if someone will think you look weird. All geniuses are abnormal!

You’ll inspire others.

I think my favorite part about being a unique individual is how much it inspires the people in my life. There really isn’t too much more I need in life than to inspire the souls I get to interact with.

You’ll find a new appreciation living life.

When you break free of trying to be normal, you find such a beauty in living life freely and happily the way your heart really desires. Everything will seem different. I kid you not. You dance wilder, love harder, and live as freely as you want.

Life’s more fun.

Bottom line… life feels better when you let your hair down. When you stop trying to fit in and do things the normal way you relieve yourself of the fear to actually live. When you live fearlessly, life is so much more vivid.

So, let this be a reminder to all of you unique individuals out there of why we choose to be who we are. And to those of you who haven’t yet broken that barrier to this life I’ve just described… give it a shot. You won’t regret it! I promise.



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