7 Real Life Reasons You Can’t Get It Up

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Dear Men,

Let me introduce you to the absolute greatest ‘no-no’ in the do’s and don’ts of sexnot being able to get it up. I shared with you what it’s like being a highly sexual woman and I’m telling you, nothing is more offensive than you going limp during sex or not even being able to get it up in the first place. If you’re mind is preoccupied, it’s okay to say “Baby, not tonight.” There’s nothing worse than being in the mood and your soldier decides he’s not fighting any battles tonight.  You may not have tried to do so intentionally and I get that, but that doesn’t make it any less offensive! Here are 7 real life reasons you can’t get it up. Let’s get into it!

You’re stressed out.

Although sex is a wonderful stress reliever, you might be so stressed out that you lack the physical ability to have an erection. Determine what the source of the stress is so that you can handle it head on and you’ll find that once you deal with the stress, it won’t be so hard to get it up.

You’re irritated.

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood; don’t force it.


Smoking didn’t used to bother me, but it really is a dirty habit. It also puts so much of your health at risk. Not only is it a turn-off that you can’t get it up, but realizing that your body is functioning like it’s twice your actual age on account of cigarettes is really unattractive and a major turn-off.

You’re out of energy.

We want you to be healthy. We don’t want to go all night every night, but when the time is right we need your stamina to be in excellent conditions. If you’re out of energy you’ll learn that you will have trouble getting it up, but keeping up in bed is sure to be a hassle for you as well!

You’re worried you won’t perform well.

It’s natural for us to doubt ourselves when trying something for the first time. If you find that your having a little performance anxiety, take a deep breath and let it go! Most women won’t tell you if you’re bad at it anyway. Go ahead and get you some!

Alcohol and drugs.

As much as people think drunk/high sex is so riveting; it can also have a negative effect on your functionality. In other words, no matter how much you’re turned on, getting a hard on might not be as easy as it seems. Don’t be so under any influence that you no longer have control over your bodily functions.

You’re just not that into her.

We never want to admit it, but sometimes this is exactly the reason. You could love everything about her, but we’d be in major denial if we acted as if sexual satisfaction wasn’t a factor in a healthy relationship. The best thing to do in this situation would be to be honest with her. Make sure she understands the things you do like about her and maybe even let her know how she could improve. If she’s willing to try and improve–great; if not, be understanding and move on.


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