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How To Go After The Man You Want

In Dating, Life, Love & Relationships, Single Life by Isis Nezbeth0 Comments

I have a pretty good idea of how you might be feeling right now: “I’m not chasing a man. If he can’t see what’s standing in front of him, then he probably ain’t for me.” I’ll be honest though ladies, this isn’t always the best attitude to have. Sometimes you have to get out of that comfort zone. Men find it refreshing and …

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Here’s How Your Commitment Issues Make You A Chronic Flaker

In Family & Friends, Life, Lifestyle, Single Life by Kayla Jackson0 Comments

The three dots appear on your text thread. You brace yourself for the reply. “I guess I’ll go unless I find something else better to do!”  “I have no interest in this at all, but count me in until I cancel at the last minute.”  “I’m so sorry! I had full intentions of coming until I just didn’t feel like …

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7 Things You Should Never Lie About As A Grown A** Adult

In Life, Lifestyle by Isis Nezbeth0 Comments

You would think it was common knowledge that one of the best privileges to being grown is not having to explain yourself. Think back to when you used to ask your parents why you had to do something. What was there response? Does “…because I said so” or “I don’t have to explain myself to you” sound familiar? I know …

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I’m Supposed To Be The Strong One, But I Tried To Kill Myself

In Life, Lifestyle by Isis Nezbeth7 Comments

Yes, you read that right. Near the end of February I tried to kill myself. Not realizing how much literature and media would be centered on suicidal ideation–for example, all the hype around 13 Reasons Why–I felt it was a sign and decided it was the right thing to do to come out and tell my truth about it. Suicidal …

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3 Things You Should Get Out Of Anyone You Give Your Energy To

In Dating, Family & Friends, Life, Lifestyle, Love & Relationships, Single Life by Isis Nezbeth0 Comments

  One of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned is that my time and my energy are a privilege, not a right! And it’s a lesson I intend to share with anyone who has not yet realized that. There isn’t a single person on this Earth who is entitled to your time or your energy. Don’t ever forget that. …

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6 Real Life Thoughts Of A Working Single Mom

In Life, Lifestyle, Single Life by Isis Nezbeth1 Comment

Time truly flies, y’all! Since I wrote last, I started working full-time on top of maintaining my writing career and the struggle has most definitely been real! So as I jump back into the writing game, I figured I’d hit a topic that I’m enduring personally–being a working single mom. First off, hats off to all the moms who are working …