5 Truths About Loneliness

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If you’re reading this right now, I’m guessing you’ve been feeling like I have recently–a little lonely. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s nothing to jump for joy about either, but still it’s a normal emotion and we all feel that way sometimes. Loneliness can really have an emotional toll on you if you allow it to and that’s what I’d …

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5 Reasons Why It’s Always Okay To Be The Wild One

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The more I write, the more I realize that my personal stories are completely necessary for me to impact my readers the way I desire to. When I started writing two years ago, I used to only write about personal experiences, then as I learned a little more about blogging, I approached writing from a more “instructional” standpoint. Now, I’m ready …

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3 Good Reasons To Go For The One Who Is Not Your Type

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We don’t like to admit it much, but I believe we all have certain qualities we sort of ‘look for’ in a potential mate. There’s nothing wrong with that. I often say, “I don’t have a type…”  just like the rest of us, but really what I mean when I say that I wouldn’t be closed minded about getting to …

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A Personal Letter of Encouragement.

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“What the ****are you doing, Isis?” –one of the absolute most difficult questions I’ve ever had to answer for myself, hands down. To be honest, I ask myself this question at least three times a week… and you know, the funny thing about it is, I have an answer to this question–a very good answer to this question–which really does the job when I …

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5 Ways to Comfort Yourself

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The past couple weeks have been extremely overwhelming for me–for a number of different reasons. Ultimately, it left me feeling a bit defeated, which I must say, doesn’t happen often. I felt weak, unsupported, and ready to give up–just typing the very words seem to be unreal–nevertheless, I cannot deny that it is true. Over the past two weeks, I …