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How To Go After The Man You Want

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I have a pretty good idea of how you might be feeling right now: “I’m not chasing a man. If he can’t see what’s standing in front of him, then he probably ain’t for me.” I’ll be honest though ladies, this isn’t always the best attitude to have. Sometimes you have to get out of that comfort zone. Men find it refreshing and …

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10 Things That Upset Women Even Though We Say It Doesn’t

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“Women are emotional creatures.” How many times have we heard that, ladies? I, for one, have heard it several times before. Hearing that phrase used to upset me, but then I finally let reality set in. We are emotional creatures. Women are beautiful, flawed, fearless, emotional creatures. I used to be extremely guilty of acting like certain things didn’t bother me when …

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Here’s How Your Commitment Issues Make You A Chronic Flaker

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The three dots appear on your text thread. You brace yourself for the reply. “I guess I’ll go unless I find something else better to do!”  “I have no interest in this at all, but count me in until I cancel at the last minute.”  “I’m so sorry! I had full intentions of coming until I just didn’t feel like …

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5 Types of Advice You Shouldn’t Give A Parent When You’re Not A Parent

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That’s right, I’m going there today–not even for myself, but for the number of times I’ve seen other parents ridiculed for being a parent to the child they gave birth to–and the worst part? The ridiculer was someone who doesn’t even have a child. The nerve, right? Let’s get into it! I’ve only been a parent for about 15 months …

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I Don’t Believe in Second Chances; I Call It Looking Back

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Sometimes we are just in a relationship of some kind because it’s convenient, or because we’re lonely, or because our friend of a friend hooked us up and we don’t want to let them down. When we are in a relationship because we want to be, we don’t usually half-step.I don’t believe in second chances of the same love. I believe in second …