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Here’s How Your Commitment Issues Make You A Chronic Flaker

In Family & Friends, Life, Lifestyle, Single Life by Kayla Jackson0 Comments

The three dots appear on your text thread. You brace yourself for the reply. “I guess I’ll go unless I find something else better to do!”  “I have no interest in this at all, but count me in until I cancel at the last minute.”  “I’m so sorry! I had full intentions of coming until I just didn’t feel like …

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5 Types of Advice You Shouldn’t Give A Parent When You’re Not A Parent

In Family & Friends, Love & Relationships by Isis Nezbeth0 Comments

That’s right, I’m going there today–not even for myself, but for the number of times I’ve seen other parents ridiculed for being a parent to the child they gave birth to–and the worst part? The ridiculer was someone who doesn’t even have a child. The nerve, right? Let’s get into it! I’ve only been a parent for about 15 months …

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3 Things You Should Get Out Of Anyone You Give Your Energy To

In Dating, Family & Friends, Life, Lifestyle, Love & Relationships, Single Life by Isis Nezbeth0 Comments

  One of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned is that my time and my energy are a privilege, not a right! And it’s a lesson I intend to share with anyone who has not yet realized that. There isn’t a single person on this Earth who is entitled to your time or your energy. Don’t ever forget that. …

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7 Things To Remember When Being A Single Mom Is Overwhelming AF

In Family & Friends, Love & Relationships by Isis Nezbeth2 Comments

Being a parent is a full-time job that you get paid in poopy diapers and gum-filled smiles for–which are totally worth it, by the way. Although your baby means the world to you, that doesn’t change the fact that you might start to feel overwhelmed with being mommy after some time has passed. I’ve been a mother for a little …

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PODCAST: Why You Should Love The Hell Out Of Someone

In Dating, Family & Friends, Love & Relationships by Isis Nezbeth2 Comments

Loving someone is hard work. Is there such a thing as loving someone too much? How much should I love them? Am I loving them too much? Should I want them to change so that I can love them even more? If you’ve ever had any of the following thoughts, I think it’s safe to say you definitely love that …

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Postpartum Life Be Like: 6 Weeks Into Motherhood

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“Hi, I’m Flower!” The wait is finally over. Meet my Flower, everybody. Harper just turned 6 weeks on Wednesday and I am so glad to finally introduce her to you all. As you can see from the picture, she is very full of life! I wonder where she gets that from! Harper at 6 Weeks: Loves bathtime. Loves to smile. Loves …

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MILF: How Being A Mom Made Me More Desirable To Men

In Family & Friends, Love & Relationships by Isis Nezbeth5 Comments

Having a baby is no small task. Being able to wear pregnancy as a single mother is not an easy appearance to put forth, but with the right attitude it is completely possible. Although my circumstances weren’t ideal, I was genuinely happy with the thought of having a child. It showed. Along with my genuine happiness for an opportunity to …