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MILF: How Being A Mom Made Me More Desirable To Men

In Family & Friends, Love & Relationships by Isis Nezbeth5 Comments

Having a baby is no small task. Being able to wear pregnancy as a single mother is not an easy appearance to put forth, but with the right attitude it is completely possible. Although my circumstances weren’t ideal, I was genuinely happy with the thought of having a child. It showed. Along with my genuine happiness for an opportunity to …

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An Open-Ended Letter To The Guiltless Baby Daddy

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This is my fault.. I asked for this. You never led me to believe that you wanted to have a baby, right? That was my idea. Even though we learned very early on that unprotected sex causes reproduction.  I should have been more careful. You didn’t give me a reason to feel like we had something special because you never called …

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Business & Pleasure: How to Date an Entrepreneur

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First things first, it ain’t for everybody. It takes a real special type of person to date a dreamer. Although the title says entrepreneur, I believe it really starts with a dreamer. If you’re lucky, you will catch them before their entrepreneurial journey begins–that’s even more special. In my opinion, if you are capable of building a relationship with an …

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Postpartum Life Be Like: My Birth Story and What I’ve Learned in Week 1

In Family & Friends, Love & Relationships, YouTube by Isis Nezbeth1 Comment

My Flower has finally blossomed. My little girl is finally here. She turned a week old Wednesday and it’s truly been the most exciting, exhausting, meaningful week of my life. It is miraculous how much having a baby changes your life. At the time I could only speak on how much your life changes when you find out you’re pregnant, but …

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A Love Letter For My Darling Daughter

In Family & Friends, Love & Relationships by Isis Nezbeth3 Comments

I want to share something personal with you today. Is that alright?  As I patiently await the arrival of my daughter, I found it relevant to share my first love letter to her along with some pictures from my maternity shoot under the creative direction of Photographer Ayanna Fairbanks (who I will be interviewing soon!). Every time I see these pictures; …

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Show Off Your Woman: 3 Simple Reasons to Be A Proud Suitor

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Why do I need to show my woman off? I don’t really like people “in my business,”–I’m with her. Isn’t that enough? Dear Men, Were your thoughts anywhere along those lines when you clicked this article? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were, but honestly… no it isn’t enough. Remember when we talked about The Secret to Every Woman’s Heart? Well, …

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VIDEO: Time To Move On: Signs You’re In the Wrong Relationship

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Hey you. Remember that time we talked about you being in relationship limbo? Well… IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON. Knowing when it’s time to move on in a relationship is just as important as knowing how to be in a healthy relationship. It doesn’t always mean that things are terrible between you two, but time is precious and shouldn’t be …