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The Life of the Highly Sexual Woman

In Love & Relationships, Sex, Single Life by Isis Nezbeth1 Comment

I’ve been putting this article off for years now considering what people might make of it. It takes a good bit of courage for me to write these types of pieces for you guys because old memories and the potential judgmental thoughts of others sometimes get the best of my energy. Luckily, I can say that I’m in complete control …

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50 Ways to Know ‘We’re Going Steady’

In Dating, Dating, For Men, Love & Relationships, Sex by Isis Nezbeth0 Comments

Have you ever been talking to someone and all of a sudden you realize how serious their feelings are for you? Don’t think that you two would have to be talking for a long time either. I’m always telling you that actions speak louder than words. It could be possible that the reason they feel so strongly for you and …

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You Want to Put That WHERE?!: A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex

In Love & Relationships, Sex by Isis Nezbeth0 Comments

For some, just reading this article alone is embarrassing. For others, they feel like pros… and then there’s that middle bunch who’s curious, but needs a little guidance! Fear not wonderers! Goddess Isis is here to offer a little “how to” in the anal sex department (sorry mom, exit right now!). It’s okay to feel a little shy about the …

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7 Signs You’re In Relationship Limbo

In Dating, Love & Relationships by Isis Nezbeth1 Comment

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a romantic relationship or a platonic friendship; a working relationship takes two. No relationship should be forced… period. A lot of the time, we are in denial about the realistic status of a relationship we feel we want and deserve which is what ultimately leads us into this relationship limbo.  The sad part about being …

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The “Best Damn Valentine’s Day Date” Ideas

In Dating, Family & Friends, Love & Relationships, Single Life by Isis Nezbeth2 Comments

It’s right around the corner… half of us are thrilled, others wish we could just do away with the damned holiday. If you’re excited about it, wait until you read these ideas! If you’re not feeling v-day, give me a few minutes to try and change your mind. I did some brainstorming, Instasurfing, and web surfing to help us all have …