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What It’s Really Like To Date A Woman Who Is On Her Sh*t

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Confident, beautiful, and on her sh*t. There isn’t really another way to describe the woman who is about her business. Dating an ambitious woman should be your goal, fellas. Sure, I’ll go ahead and say it… she might seem like a b*tch at first, but she’s just serious about where she’s going in life. There are a ton of benefits as …

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PODCAST: 5 Foolproof Ways To Improve Your Relationship

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Getting in a relationship isn’t the hard part; staying in that relationship is. Getting in a relationship is risky. There is no guarantee that this will turn into your happily ever after. Still, the majority of us take that chance–and we should! As long as you’re willing to try, I don’t see a reason not to embark on a new …

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How To Talk To Women On The Phone

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Dear men, I’ll be honest in saying a lot of women claim to not like talking on the phone anymore. Don’t trust that this kind of woman is the kind of woman you want to pursue a relationship with. If she can’t talk to you on the phone, how will she converse with you face-to-face? That’s just a disclaimer. Anyway, we’ve …

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The 15 Sexiest Things A Man Can Do

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Who says you have to be Ryan Gosling or Idris Elba to be sexy? I believe any man can be sexy. Contrary to popular belief, looks really don’t hold a lot of weight in the sexy category. Furthermore, the simplicity of the sexiest things a man can do will blow your mind. You ready? Let’s get into it. Teach me something. …

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Show Off Your Woman: 3 Simple Reasons to Be A Proud Suitor

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Why do I need to show my woman off? I don’t really like people “in my business,”–I’m with her. Isn’t that enough? Dear Men, Were your thoughts anywhere along those lines when you clicked this article? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were, but honestly… no it isn’t enough. Remember when we talked about The Secret to Every Woman’s Heart? Well, …