PODCAST: 5 Foolproof Ways To Improve Your Relationship

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Getting in a relationship isn’t the hard part; staying in that relationship is.

Getting in a relationship is risky. There is no guarantee that this will turn into your happily ever after. Still, the majority of us take that chance–and we should! As long as you’re willing to try, I don’t see a reason not to embark on a new relationship. When it comes to staying in that relationship though, that’s where you may begin to notice how hard being in a successful relationship really can be. As we hear all the time, a lasting relationship takes work–a LOT of work. I’ve found that one of the main reasons–the people who reach out to me for advice in their relationship–hit a hard spot in their relationship so early is that the foundation of the relationship is built on false pretenses. When you’re just getting into a relationship, the goal is to impress your partner. Sometimes impressing your partner causes you to start doing things that you won’t later be able to keep up with and that is what causes the issue. Then you reach the point of telling your partner about what they used to do for you and vice versa. Rest assured though. No matter how bad things have gotten, no matter how long the two of you have or have not been together, I strongly believe that all is not lost until the both of you decide that you no longer want to try and fix things within your broken relationship. Before things escalate that far and you two no longer feel like your relationship is worth saving, I want to share with you 5 foolproof ways to improve your relationship.

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