10 Foolproof Ways to Become More Attractive: Men’s Edition

10 Foolproof Ways to Become More Attractive: Men’s Edition

Just when you thought the Fashion and Beauty section of TGC was just for women, we share with you these ten easy steps to become more attractive to any woman out there! Let’s get into it!

Take time to groom your hair.

Groomed Hair

Get a haircut! Guys this will take you from a 6 to 10 in literally 30 minutes!

Make an effort to smell good.


Find a signature scent that you’ll wear the most and you will forever be remembered for it. A good-smelling man drives the ladies crazy every time!

Keep your kicks clean.


I’m sure all of the sneaker heads can remember some time or another having to take a toothbrush to scrub their kicks clean. Even if it means taking an extra 3 minutes in the morning to utilize a damp cloth to wipe your shoes off… do it! The reward will be great! Clean shoes show that you value your appearance. And let’s be honest, a pair of dirty shoes can ruin any perfect outfit.

Clean your fingernails.

man hand

Sure a woman loves a hardworking man, but dirty nails are GROSS! Especially at the dinner table–ewwwww!

Keep your breath fresh.

bad breath

Breath mints, gum, & and a handy dandy toothbrush/toothpaste are your best friends! Attractive guy with bad breath? Not very attractive right?

Wear a little color.

Colorful Outfit

When choosing coordinating colors for an outfit, avoid being too “matchy” i.e.) red hat, red shirt, red shoes! For a better balance, use colors that compliment each other! Don’t be afraid of a little print either! Ladies love it!

Wear a crisp, clean v-neck tee.


A v-neck white t-shirt can really be a staple piece in every man’s closet, but please ensure that it is always nice and crisp. If it has any signs of a yellowish tint to it or the neckline is stretched it’s time to retire it and replenish.

Take care of your whip.

clean car

Whether it’s the latest luxury car or a 10-year-old American whip, take pride in your car and keep it clean. There’s nothing sexy about a well-groomed man hopping out of a filthy automobile.

Always shower regularly.


Stay squeaky clean by showering regularly. That refreshing feeling with a splash of cologne is a WINNER every time! NEVER EVER spray cologne to cover odor. It DOESN’T WORK!

Pull your pants up.


A relaxed feel can be necessary, but if you’re still excessively sagging your pants in 2014 you need to re-evaluate your style choices.


I know these are simple things that most of you may be thinking should go without saying, but trust me fellas, you’ll be glad that I shared it!

Until next time,