11 Types of “Friends” You’re Better Off Without

11 Types of “Friends” You’re Better Off Without

As much as many of us would like to take all the friends we make along the way with us throughout this journey we  call life, the truth remains… it just cannot be done. You’ll learn as you get older that you’re lucky to have a few real friends in your life. Sure, you’ll meet plenty of people and you’ll make a plethora of acquaintances… but true friends… they don’t come around so often. The important thing to understand here is that it might be hard for us to make room and collect true friends when we’ve got a bunch of the wrong friends occupying the space. Personally, I’ve become a lot more comfortable admitting when I’ve outgrown a friend or when a friend and I have just grown apart. I made a promise to myself long ago that I wouldn’t hold on to false pretenses any longer… that included meaningless friendships. I had a small encounter today via social media that influenced the necessity of today’s entry. Here are the types of friends you’re probably better off without.

The Naysayer.

You know who this friend is… the one who can find ten negative things to say before they find one positive thing to say. The one who would rather point out your flaws instead of highlight your strong points. The one who would rather break you and your honey up by filling your head with all types of nonsense. Yeah, that friend–no good.

Replace the Naysayer with: The Optimist. It’s nice to have a friend that is used to looking at the bright side of things. There are always going to be low points in your life and it’s so assuring to have a friend that is able to lift you up by filling you with positive thoughts and affirmations.

The Self-obsessed.

This is the friend that always wants to talk about themselves. They gloat a lot and don’t take much time to appreciate you or anyone else for that matter. Survey says… ditch em, and fast!

Replace the Self-obsessed with: The Valuer. Find a friend that truly values your presence in their life. It might be kind of hard to notice at first, but this type will make SURE you know that they appreciate you being in their life.

The Competitor.

The competitor is a tricky situation. It’s okay to have a friend who competes with you in a healthy way–a way that motivates you, no less. I keep at least two healthily competitive friends in my pocket just so that I’m always striving for better. Do not confuse a healthily competitive friend with the person who always needs a one-up on you. The one who compares their life with yours in efforts to make themselves feel better. You do NOT need that in your life.

The Party Girl.

I’m not saying you can’t have a friend that enjoys a good party. Hell, I enjoy a great party… but that friend who lives in the club–she’s not the type of friend you need. There’s just so much more to life than going to the club every night.

Replace the Party Girl with: The Adventurist. The adventurist will still enjoy a great party every now and then, but he or she will get you doing things you might not have done on your own like going to art shows or taking a camping trip. You can still bring the booze and you can dance until you get tired… it doesn’t have to be done at the club.

The Gossiper.

Loooooord. We all know this one. The friend who stays reporting live from another person’s business! Bottom line is this… if this friend tells everyone else’s business, it’s VERY likely they’re airing out your dirty laundry too! PASS!

The Shxt-talker.

This is the friend that almost always gets you in a fight. The friend that can never hold their tongue in the most inappropriate places you can be. There just simply isn’t a necessity for a person like this to be in your life. Get outta there!

The Drama Queen.

This one will probably hit home for many of us. Most of us have that one friend who just can’t help but to have the attention all on them. No matter what dramatics they have to go through to achieve it. Typically, they’re always crying or complaining about a member of the opposite sex or how terrible their day was (when all in all they really shouldn’t be complaining). This type of energy is contagious. Don’t lug the drama queen around. I mean, we’ve all got to grow up someday.

Replace the Drama Queen with: The Realist. We all need that one ‘tell it like it is’ friend by our side. They will make sure we keep our head straight and narrow. Less drama and more of the real. Who could argue with that?

The Silver Spooner.

Okay, so hear me out. This one may be a little touchy for some. Please do not take offense to the term silver spooner, all I’m saying is that if you’re anything like me… the friend who has never had to work for anything in their life won’t really make for the best friendship. For me personally, I just can’t relate to a person who doesn’t understand the value of hard work because their too focused on how much money daddy is giving them this week. NEXT!

The Moocher.

“Can I borrow this shirt?” – Never see that again. Do you have any friends who constantly ask you for things and never reciprocate the same generosity towards you? I’m sure I’m not alone in this one. I know that some people are in need, but don’t confuse that with a person who feels the need to always borrow from you and can never return the favor. Moochers are a negative!

Replace the Moocher with: The Giver. No, I don’t mean someone who showers you in gifts. I mean a person who loves giving back and understands the value in doing so. You’ll find such comfort in knowing someone else has a heart as big as yours and that they won’t take advantage of that fact!

The Frenemy.

I don’t have the slightest idea as to why we collect frenemies. Now, I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I have a pretty good idea when someone does not like me. Why on earth would be friends with someone who doesn’t like you? The frenemy can include many of the characteristics as some of the other types of friends we’ve described already, but ultimately… you can just tell that they are not your friend at all. These types of friendships are usually on a as-needed, beneficial basis. Cut that baggage ASAP!

The Needy.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a friend that needs you. I am, however, saying that that one friend who can’t part from the fact that being a good friend doesn’t mean practically being their boyfriend or girlfriend probably isn’t such a bad idea. I’ve had this happen a couple times over honestly. When I actually got in a relationship, this particular friend was SO mad at me because “I didn’t have time for her anymore”. Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking you have to be their “everything” in order to be a good friend. Cut the cord on this one too!


It may seem a little devastating right now if you’ve read some of these descriptions and found that they describe one or two of the people you might know, but truth be told… we all need the precious reminder that the people in your life need to deserve to be there. It’s okay to outgrow people. Growth is inevitable and it’s extremely healthy. It doesn’t have to be an ugly departure. Think about what you’re going to say and what you’re doing and follow your heart. Everything happens for a reason… even your reading this post right now. Good luck!

Peace, love, and light, dear reader.