Monthly Archives: November 2013


I’ll Drink To That!: Making Healthier Drink Choices

If you’re anything like me, a drink is never a bad idea. Here’s a little information on ‘healthier’ (low caloric count) alcoholic beverages.


A Modern Day Baby Spice, Caroline Beckum

This week’s fashions sense comes from Caroline Beckum. The Goddess Column loves her versatile, funky fashion style! We get ‘Baby Spice meets Boho-Chic’ from her style and for TGC–anything that has to do with the Spice Girls is a definite YES PLEASE! Check out what Caroline shared with Goddess Isis:


Living Naturally with Natural Ashley G.

The Goddess Column follows ‘Natural Ashley G.’ for this month’s ‘Living Naturally’. We love her hairstyles, confidence, and love for being natural! Check out Ashley’s exclusive interview with Goddess Isis:


Don’t Play Stupid: Freeing Your Intellect

Intelligence is a beautiful thing! Do you find yourself ‘dumbing yourself down’ to fit in–or maybe you know someone who does? ‘TGC’ speaks on hiding your intelligence to make/keep friends.


10 Ways to Cure Relentless Boredom 1

The Goddess Column promotes productive boredom! Here’s 10 alternatives to surfing twitter, instagram, and playing Candy Crush when boredom strikes!


3 Shades of Black: Are We Creating an Internal Race War? 5

Light skin, Brown skin, Dark skin… WE ARE ALL BLACK.


10 Ways To Be Inspired 2

It’s one thing to follow your dreams, but before you can dream you need to be inspired. Here’s 10 ways to GET inspired and STAY inspired.