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The Goddess Column had the opportunity to interview and feature Atlanta’s own Hip-Hop Artist and Producer, Jam, who we’re calling ‘The 90′s Hip-Hop Resurrection‘. Jam just released his Debut EP‘None of the Above’ and it is such a refreshing sound from what’s become of today’s young Hip-Hop culture. We’ve been listening to it on repeat since we got our FREE download of the masterpiece via SoundCloud. It’s a battle between the tracks “Learn My Way” and “All On Me” for our favorite track, but “Bass Beat” is sick as well! The entire EP is a MUST LISTEN. Check out Jam’s exclusive interview with Goddess Isis:

When did you begin following your dream of becoming an artist?
I started doing music when I was very young. As far as trying to actively seek a deal as an artist, I would have to say around 13. Yeah, that’s when I wanted to take it from just writing lyrics in my composition book, to wanting to be known for it.

Are you only recording music or are you juggling work and school also?
I graduated from Georgia State University in May of 2012, so no more school, thank GOD. I’ve worked at a couple of places since then to make sure the lights stay on, food on the table, and some fresh ass shoes on my feet. However, music has been the number one priority in my life and eventually I know that I will get to a point where I obtain all of those things solely off of just music alone.

Do you have any advice for others in your position who would like to pursue a music career simultaneously?
Honestly, my advice is to not to give so much effort into a plan B. My plan B was college, I feel like that was a long ass 4 1/2 years of energy that I could have used toward getting on. I was handicapped in college because I could never give 100 percent dedication to the music. So anyone who has dreams or aspirations, focus all of your attention to it. Of course be responsible, and make sure your priorities are straight, you definitely don’t want to be on the corner assed out because you decided that having a regular job wasn’t in the plan. If you got to work, WORK, but keep in your mind that its just that, the same with school.


What or who influences your music the most?
It’s no secret that I am very much influenced by the 90′s hip-hop culture as far as rap and lyricism is concerned. Overall musically,I would say Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson are a very big inspiration musically along with Teddy Riley, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, and Pete Rock.

We find that you have some great lyrics, make great points, and have an all-around positive message in your music.. where does this content come from (past experiences, present experience, imagination, etc.)?
Thank you very much, I appreciate that. But, I think its all of the above, past experiences, imagination etc. I’d like to think that I write for the regular guy. I go through shit regular people go through. For example, in the song Bass Beat I say,

” Pockets got cake, well a tidbit, I ain’t even flexin’ on no rich shit//
but if I got a dollar and you got a hundred….she still coming with the kid bitch.”

…Like that’s real life to me! There will always be someone with more money than me, or have more possessions than me but it don’t even too much matter. I don’t have to flex for no one. I’m not fabricated, I will never lie on a track, before I do that I would quit. I really just want to be relatable to the common man.

The Goddess Column clearly finds your artistic style different than most of today’s artists. How would you say you differ from today’s Hip-Hop/Rap artists?
I dress different. My rhyme scheme is different. I don’t have songs about all this dope I supposedly sold. All my songs don’t all sound the same. I don’t just rap I produce, I shoot videos, I do covers. I’m like a 5x Threat. HA!


If you and your music could be remembered for one thing when it’s all said and done, what would it be?
Unforgettable. I want people to be able to listen to me years from now and be like “This is STILL my shit”

If you could work with any artist(s) on the planet for your next project, who would you choose?
Dre3k and Big Boi.

The Goddess Column has done our research and come across some of your earlier works before “None of the Above”, what is your all-time favorite song you’ve recorded?
Hands down, Jump. Most people who know me musically by that. I just love how I flipped the beat. It was so hard getting an acapella of Kris Kross to add in on the hooks. I went through great lengths to record that. But I love it. I recite those lyrics all the time.

We absolutely love your 90′s feel, artistic style, and fashion sense! How did you decide on this influence?
Its the music I listen to the most. If I gave you my iPod for the day. You would be surprised at how much of that type of music is on there. Its not just the music. The fashion, the slang, the TV sitcoms, the commercials, etc It was just a dope time.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers?
Go download “None of The Above”. If you are disappointed, I will give you the money that you didn’t pay in the first place. #straightwreck

The Goddess Column is thrilled to support this rising star. Jam is definitely an artist to look out for! If you appreciate dope rhymes, ill beats, and have an urge to put an end to the joke most of today’s Hip-Hop/Rap genre has become, we ask that you join us on the #StraightWreck bandwagon. Follow Jam on InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube, and at

–To Jam,

We wish you much success in your future endeavours. We appreciate your talent and are thankful we have something positive to bump in the streets of NYC. We look forward to getting our autographed copy of ‘None of the Above’ *hint hint*. Most importantly, remember, you’ve got a supporter in us. -TGC

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