Fashion Inspiration 101: Rae ‘The Diva’


Who says ‘Mommy To Be’ can’t have an amazing sense of style? We are astonished by this week’s ‘Fashion Inspiration 101′. Rae’The Diva’ and her chic, mommy appropriate look is to die for! Check out what she had to say to Goddess Isis:

The Goddess Column wants to know…


What/who influences your fashion style? My fashion style is influenced by the constant evolving environment. I’m from a small country town, so I love my cowgirl boots and things like that but I like for them to look more classy than most. I moved to Atlanta for school and was sucked into that big melting pot. There is so much diversity and different cultures there to see and I was just intrigued by them all. I’m really a people person, so I will ask anyone anything that I want or feel the need to know–without stepping over boundaries of course. Lastly, I’m back in Augusta finishing up college, but I work in a corporate atmosphere where my style is what I like to call ‘urban chic’. I’m far from the normal black and white shirt and skirt corporate office worker. I love color and risk taking. I’ll wear it until they tell me no! 


What is the one article of your wardrobe you can’t live without? I can’t live without my black blazer. I can almost wear it with anything. I like classic, timeless pieces that never go out of style. I put a lot of money into something like this because they last forever. I normally get these pieces from J.Crew or Ann Taylor (believe it or not it’s not just for old women). 


You are literally one of the best pregnant fashionista we’ve ever seen! Is there any particular place you must shop at? Thank you, Thank you! You’re far too kind! I shop in the same places. I’ve gained 32 pounds but its really all baby. Well and breast… So I just go up two sizes from what I normally wear. I didn’t want to be one of those moms that “fell off” while pregnant. Plus I had to continue school and work so I couldn’t be a bum. 


 Is the fashion industry a potential career path for you? If so, what would you like to do? The fashion industry is definitely a potential career path for me, but I would be more so behind the scenes of events or working for a particular brand, store, or manufacturer doing PR. Public relations consists of branding, building awareness, building and maintaining healthy relationships, shaping one’s publics and target markets opinions and so much more. Fashion is fun and fearless, so I would definitely love to venture out into that industry.


How does your style reflect who you are as a person? I’m always a little more conservative than most young ladies. My dresses are kind of long and not too revealing. However, my personality is straightforward and very bold. I like adventure and new things, but you would probably think I’m kind of classic and boring. I take chances every once in a while though.

 The Goddess Column absolutely loves your ‘urban chic’ style of dress! It’s so classy, yet bold! We can’t wait to try this look out at our next networking event. Good luck with all your future endeavours! [To TGC Readers] We’re happy to introduce Rae The Diva as our newest ‘Media News’ Columnist! Follow more of her urban chic look on Instagram and Twitter.


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