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New Years’ Checklist

One day until New Years’ Eve! Whoo! 2013 was a pretty great year for me compared to previous ones. We’ve been talking a lot about New Years’ Resolutions and remember, I said it was okay if those are not your thing. Me personally, I’m feeling like I’m already on the right track so a ‘resolution’ may not be the best term for what I need in the new year. I would prefer to call it a checklist. Just to make sure that I am continuing with the many things I feel I am doing well. We don’t tend to give […]


The Secret to New Years’ Resolutions 3

We understand New Years’ Resolutions may not be everybody’s “thing”, but Cam explains why that may be. Check out her secret to making New Years’ Resolutions work!


Hungry for the Talents of Debbi Snax

23 year old artist Debbi Snax is a humble Georgia Peach based in Atlanta, Ga. She is pursuing her dream of becoming a tattoo artist and currently tattoos at West End Tattoos. Having been an apprentice for not even a year and a half, Debbi Snax’ artwork has left TGC dumbfounded in her skill, talent, creativity, and passion as both a tattooer and an artist. Check out her exclusive interview with Goddess Isis:


iPhone’s Got Your Tongue 3

Communication is such an important factor in almost everything we do. Is technology hindering us from expressing ourselves?


Picture Your Daughter with a Guy Like You

Dear Men, Have you ever been involved with a girl and felt like you were dating her mom, brother, uncle, cat–anybody that knew her? I have a friend who is planning on becoming involved with a lady he met. Nice girl and everything. She’s well over age, capable of making her own choices, but still feels the need to have her over-protective brother ask 21 questions, threaten him into being faithful, and to give his ‘approval’ to the relationship. This is where the issue arises for my friend. He admits, when his sister was younger he did the same thing his pursuant’s […]


Flirtationships: The Real Reason Women Can’t Find Commitment 3

You’re either single, in a relationship, engaged, or married. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


2013 Taught Me 1

2013 was a good year… I learned a lot. Here’s a few to sum things up.