TGC Gift Guide


There’s literally 22 days left until Christmas! YIKES! That means there’s no time to save and plenty of gifts to buy! Try some of these inexpensive, yet meaningful gift ideas for your honey, parents, or close friends.

  1. Decorate a DIY Gift: Grab a hot glue gun, go to Michael’s (or your local craft store) buy shells, flowers, buttons–any decoration you know they would like–then glue the decorations onto a fanny pack, purse, hat–you get the picture. This takes a little thought, possibly some direction from YouTube, and at most (especially if you thrift the piece you’re going to decorate) about $20 – $25.
  2. Picture Gift: I feel the closer the relationship, the more appreciated this sort of gift will be. Mama loves these kinds of gifts because her children are getting older and it’s always nice to have a coffee mug or something she can openly display on her desk at work that have her children’s face on it. I think these kinds of gifts are also appropriate for best friends or boyfriend/girlfriends. Who doesn’t want a memorable keepsake of the people they love?
  3. Buy them a Date: One of my good friends did this for me for my birthday this year. I kept saying “I want to go to the Museum of Sex so bad!” and so I opened my birthday card from her and there it was–my ticket for the museum–that could be used whenever I wanted. Find out a place your loved one wants to go and treat them. It let’s them know you were listening that day they annoyed you with how badly they wanted to do whatever that thing was. It’ll make you both feel great.
  4. ‘Coupon Book’ Gift: This one is more for your honey, but could used for a parent depending on what you come up with. Create ‘coupons’ on the computer that give him/her access to their favorite things about you or that you do for them. For example, I’d give my honey a coupon for ‘Fellatio‘ redeemable whenever he wanted even if I was severely mad at him.. I’d have to do it. Some other coupon ideas might be “No Arguing For A Day”, “[Insert Body Part of Choice] Massage”, “Sadie Hawkins Dinner” (whoever doesn’t normally pay the bill will pick it up this time)–you get the idea. When done correctly these are a lot of fun, but you have to be sure to give them coupons for things they normally want, but you’re not willing to give.
  5. “Follow Your Dream” Gift: If you know someone you care about has a dream that they should practice a little more, a thoughtful gift you could and should give them is something contributing to that practice. For example, if you knew someone wanted to learn to paint, buy them a [quality] painting kit. If they make music, buy them a mic, a soundcard, etc. If they want to photography, a quality camera is in order and if you can’t afford the camera, you could buy photobooth equipment–you know, put some thought in to it.
I hope these ideas can at least jumpstart your thought process because Christmas is definitely right around the corner! It’s my favorite time of year and nobody deserves to be sad on that day–especially because you forgot to save. Whatever gift you do decide on, don’t forget that Jesus is the reason for the season. If you have other good gift ideas be sure to share them in a comment below.
✌️ + ❤️ good people,
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