Sex and The City


Like most women who have ever taken the time to view even the slightest piece of this timeless, classic television show–I LOVE SEX AND THE CITY. Candace Bushnell, author of the book series with the same name and my favorite author, created four all-time women with astonishing personalities that I feel every woman in the world can relate to in at least one way if not more. Being that I can’t speak for you all reading, I’ll share with you guys how I personally relate with each one of the four best friends.


Most women would probably say they relate to her the most. Carrie is a freelance NYC Columnist (hmm, that sounds familiar) who moved to the Big City from a small town in Conneticut to follow her dreams of becoming a writer (sheesh, I guess I could relate to that as well). I think most women identify with Carrie because she’s sort of the midpoint of ‘way crazy’ and ‘goody two-shoes’ out of all of the Sex and The City personalities. She doesn’t kiss and tell very much, but there is plenty of indication that she “barely colors in the lines” as far as her sexual life goes. She is also my favorite fashionable character from the show. She is always dressed in colorful, vintage masterpieces. Her character is often seen in a vintage piece matched with a designer pair of shoes and handbag–which honestly I’d love to say will be what my wardrobe looks like when I really make it–and she’s often spending her money on these material things until she gains the responsibility of paying rent for her apartment. Carrie believes in love and dates around a lot in efforts to find it. She goes through a good number of men until she finally finds love in NYC. 

I relate to Carrie as a writer. Seems obvious, but her character’s narrations throughout the show are often my exact thoughts and reactions to what the girls experience during the show. I think thats because of the writers’ perspective that we analyze the situation with. I also relate to Carrie’s desire, yet fear of falling in love. I once (just like her earlier stages) had no real desire to be wed and certainly no children. Just a happy, fashionable, workaholic life in the city–that was ideal. I love Carrie’s passion for writing. Even as early as ‘The Carrie Diaries‘ she is writing daily in her journal and believing in her dream to become a great writer. Being a freelance writer in the city is hard work! I definitely relate to her struggle between a high paying job and doing something you love.


I’ll be honest, it isn’t until later in the series that I become connected to Miranda. She seemed so worriesome to me and I honestly hated the way she looked and dressed. The one thing I did always love about her though, was how career driven she was. It’s always ok to focus on your career in my book. Miranda eventually ends up pregnant with on-again, off-again boyfriend Steve who she eventually marries. I think this is what ultimately softens her [and her masculine look] up. I’m hoping someday the same can be said for myself as far as the husband and child goes.


I like to think of Charlotte as the ‘good girl’ in us all. Charlotte came from a wealthy Conneticut family and believes in the traditional idea and theory of love and family. Every now and again she’ll surprise viewers with a little detail on her sexual life, but most times she keeps things pretty classy. When isn’t that admirable? I think Charlotte is the prime example of a ‘lady in the sheets, but a freak in the sheets’. That’s never a bad idea.


My absolute FAVORITE–but you probably figured that anyway. We meet Samantha as early as ‘The Carrie Diaries’ and she’s just as fiery and bold as she is in her 40′s during the series. Samantha is my hope that you can be fabulous and over 40. I love her love for life. I will say though, that for the longest time I would lie to myself (as Samantha does) about never needing love and commitment. Samantha’s sex drive is definitely admirable. Maybe not all the partners she’s had, but her desire to learn and try so many things to advance her sexual passion is great! Of all the people in Samantha’s path, there is one that ultimately wins her heart over and teaches her to love, but as she realizes she is falling in too deep she let’s things go. I think all of us make this mistake at some point in our lives. I’m feeling confident that I’ll steer clear of making this mistake this time. Other than Carrie, Samantha’s fashion style is another one of my favorites in the show. Sam is substantially older than all the other best friends, but when it comes down to personalities, her’s is the youngest and most mischevious of all!

How do you relate to these 4 personalities? Share with us in a comment below!

If you haven’t watched the series of ‘The Carrie Diaries’ or ‘Sex and The City’ we highly recommend it! Even more than that, snag the books! Sure it’s an investment, but it’s worth it! There are tons of relatable situations and stories in each episode and book and I promise you–it’s TIMELESS!

✌️ + ❤️ good people,


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