Finals Week Survival Guide


It’s FINALS WEEK! “Dun-dun-dunnnnn”. We know how you’re feeling right now; overwhelmed, anxious, stressed… but don’t be. Take our advice on how to survive the following week:

  1. DON’T PULL ALL-NIGHTERS. I am a living witness that this does not help. All you’re doing is cramming information into your head that will not likely be there when you need it. Losing sleep you will certainly need to think clearly. And your teacher will be able to notice that you did the work overnight because of the quality.
  2. GET PROPER REST. Going hand in hand with number 1, getting the proper rest is SO important for the thought process. With a rested mind you’ll find it much easier to stay focused, jog your mind for answers, and you’ll think clearer making problem-solving strategies like the process of elimination so much easier.
  3. EAT BREAKFAST. So many people fail to realize that you should eat breakfast–DAILY. I can’t go a day without eating breakfast before anything. You’ll be calmer, full, and less distracted by other negative energy allowing you to take your finals less stressed.
  4. DON’T ANTICIPATE A FAILING GRADE. Now, it goes without saying that if you were careless enough not to study you’re probably going to fail–but you don’t have to fail miserably. If you pay attention in class, I’m sure there’s at least one question you can answer correctly from what you heard in class. If you’re super worried about failing, you’ll leave your mind distracted and won’t be able to think as clearly.
    • Don’t cram
    • Study in a group setting
    • Read your book.
    • Don’t over study–if you have 200+ notecards, you’re probably studying too much.
    • Stay away from social media and other distractions. 
    • Utilize study tips you can find online or from a resource at your institution.
  6. TAKE YOUR TEST IN A CALM STATE. If you know the material, you know it; if you don’t know the material, you don’t. Stressing will not make the answers magically pop up in your head. Be calm, answer the questions that you do know, an make an attempt at the ones you don’t! Fill in every answer on the test with something.
  7. DON’T BE TOO RELAXED. Don’t lie to yourself. None of your exams should just be a piece of cake. Put as much effort into it as possible. Don’t make too lightly of an assignment that weighs on your overall grade so heavily. Take the test and it’s potential results seriously.
  8. GOOD GUYS FINISH LAST. I am normally the last one to turn in my exam. There’s no race in taking an exam. Take an ample amount of time on your exam. Staying until the very end gives you the opportunity to double and triple check your work before submitting it. I’ve also found that sometimes I find answers to one question hidden in another test question! The only way to recognize something like this is to take your time.
  9. WHEN IT’S OVER; IT’S OVER. If you didn’t do as good as you wanted to, learn from this experience. The first time I bombed an exam in college I promised myself that the next semester I’d read like I was supposed to, outline my chapters in a timely manner, and when it came finals time that semester I was a beast! Leading study groups and feeling a great deal of confidence during this week.
  10. STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE ENERGY. You need to stay/be as positive as possible this week. Don’t keep people who don’t take finals week seriously around you. Don’t study with irresponsible friends. And STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOL until you’ve taken your last test! You make think it helps, but alcohol is a depressant! Nothing but bad can come from consuming alcohol during your week of finals. Save it for later!
As you all know I just graduated from college this past May. I’m here to tell you that if I can make it, so can you! We’re rooting for your success! Stay focused because the end is almost near! Also, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all the Fall 2013 Graduates! YOU DID IT!
✌️ + ❤️ good people,
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