A Poor Mans’ Dream


It gets harder every day to keep moving in a direction that you’re not too sure where exactly the path is leading you. Still, when you’re determined to succeed there’s that little voice in your mind that forces you to press on. I have an undying faith in the Lord, but even in that I get weary. My fear of giving up and being taunted by the “what if?” is what kicks me in my ass every time I want to quit. I’ve had my college degree for the last 6 months and the only thing I’ve done with it is put it in a frame (that I haven’t even hung yet). 

So many people ask me constantly, “How are you liking New York?” and my response normally ends up being somewhere along the lines of “…being here has slowed me down a lot. Slowing down helped me find love and begin chasing my dreams.

So that was good. As far the location goes, I hate it. The people are rude. Money is WORSHIPPED here. And everyone is so caught up in trying to impress and compete with people they’ll probably never see again instead of showing any form of humanity.”

One day, I was sitting out on the porch with my cousin and his friend started talking about how there was no way that he could be happy if it weren’t for the money he had. Honestly, in my mind, I’m thinking ‘typical New Yorker’. But it’s not just the people in New York. I had an interview recently and one of the questions she asked was “What is your definition of success?” In a matter of seconds I blurted out “..doing something you love.” Without hesitation or thought it just spilled from my heart and I meant that. A dollar value will never define my happiness. I can have [and have had] two dollars to my name and still be the happiest, most vibrant spirit in the room because my health and happiness comes from my faith in God, the love I have for my family, and the passion I have for writing–and anything else I decide to do. 

I want you to seriously ask yourself if you could last one week without a single dollar at all (if you had all the necessities of living–food, water, shelter, and clothing)?

I’ll be honest with you, not very many of you would make it even a day. It wouldn’t be because you don’t have the things you need. It would be because by way of media and word of mouth, we have made monetary value weigh so much more than the things that truly do provide happiness. Being ‘broke’ is embarassing. Even if we had everything we need, if we can’t buy material things we aren’t satisfied.

Today’s entry is specifically for those people out there who recognize there’s more to life than a dollar sign. A dollar can’t hold you at night. A dollar can’t make a kind gesture. A dollar CANNOT buy genuine happiness. I’m living proof that the more you do something you love and share genuine care and concern with the people who build you up, the happier you will be and the more successful you are. When the devil gets the best of me (because it does happen from time to time), he has a tendency of reminding me that I don’t have an ‘ideal’ amount of money… but the minute I start typing, the second I hear a loved ones voice, and especially the millisecond I go to God I realize that I’m richer than some of the most wealthy people on the planet.

So I’ll ask you this… what is your definition of success? Does money make you happy? More importantly, if you could only choose one, what would you choose–money or happiness? Because there IS a difference.

✌️ + ❤️ good people,


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