It’s Never Too Late To Start Over


Today starts the first day of a 30 day challenge I am taking that was shared with me a few days ago. I chose today as my start date because of course, it marks TGC’s “monthaversary”. The challenge is the “30 Days of Discipline” challenge (which was originally created specifically for men). As a woman, some of the habits we are working to develop from the challenge I feel that I already embody. However, it is also motivation to improve what I feel like I already have. We can ALWAYS improve.

One thing I like about the 30 day challenge is that it points out that it normally takes 23 days of consistency for a habit to become a habit. Take Jay-Z and the new vegan diet he has adopted since his birthday. As you all have read, I have also adopted a healthier diet. And although I am not a vegan, I am now a proud vegetarian. 

2013 had some great moments for me, but I’d be lying if I said there was nothing I really needed to improve on. I’m not going to get into what the challenge entails or what improvements I am making personally because that is the point in improvement. It should be personal. If you’re dying to know what the challenge is, leave a comment below and I’ll share with you. Later today, take out a sheet of paper–no, not phones, ipads, a word document, a LITERAL PIECE OF PAPER–and write down everything you accomplished this year, any major events you experienced whether good or bad (ie. graduation), and all the things you want to improve on for the next year. From this list, locate ones that can be improved just by developing a habit. For example, if one of your goals is to study more, the habit you may want to develop is reading instead of literally writing “study more”. Our minds and bodies tend to rebel one another when it comes to goals unless you have excellent discipline, which not most of us do. So, really take the time to come up with some habits that will allow you to acheive the goals you will set as your new years resolution instead of actually writing out the goal. You will develop a habit that will last your whole life (with discipline, of course) instead of setting a short term goal.

Once you’ve identified the habits you want to adopt. Plan a 25-30 day challenge for yourself that makes you practice this/theres habit(s) daily. Remember, after 23 days of consistency you have the will power and capability to make it a lifelong habit. 

Here are few habits that we think are excellent New Years Resolution habits:

  • EAT HEALTHIER. We all want to be a little more tone, in shape, thinner–just whatever our body isn’t right now. Eating healthy is a great way to maintain a good weight and will leave you with plenty of energy to work out, do pilates, or yoga to get your body in tip top shape.
  • READ. Whether reading more or starting to read period, this is definitely a habit that TGC encourages all of our readers to do. Reading can help with so many short term goals, like studying more efficiently (which will cause good grades). It also fosters discipline. Anything that is done consistantly, but isn’t always the most fun thing to do requires discipline.
  • BE KIND. We may not think we need to improve much in this area, but practicing kindness can mean so much more than not cursing someone out when you want to or saying please and thank you. Kindness changes lives. Be the change you want to see.
  • WAKE UP EARLY. The early bird catches the worm. Simple as that. The earlier you wake, the more time you allow for power moves.
  • PRACTICE YOUR TALENT. As I always tell you guys, foster your passion! No matter what it is, do one thing daily towards making that skill better and acheiving whatever dream you have for it.
These are just a few to help you get started because we want you all to really put some thought into what habits you want and why you need them. We’ve got faith in you. Don’t wait until New Years. Start today! Be sure to share your ideas in a comment below. Never know who you might help! Most importantly, never forget that as long as you have breath, it’s NEVER too late to start over.
Here’s to improvement.
✌️ + ❤️ good people,
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