The Friend Zone


Dear Men,

I know this area seems to be one of the most confusing things about a woman. So, let’s break down ‘thefriendzone’ shall we?

Okay, so for starters, if you’re not sure what the friend zone is, it’s basically the ‘we’ll never be more than friends’, ‘I introduce you to other guys as my brother so you don’t mess up my chance with them’, ‘we can definitely sleep in the same bed and nothing will happen–NOTHING’ kind of relationship with a guy.

The ‘nice guy’, the sweet guy, the ‘not-so-cute but a really good person’ guy and the ‘too shy for his own good guy’ normally ends up here. Some girls go about placing you in the friend zone differently. Some girls are users. “Let me friend zone him so I can still be spoiled by him and he’ll let me borrow his notes again…” Then there are those of us who just don’t want to give you false hope–we generally refrain from any ‘sweet’ activity like sleeping in the same bed.

Is there any way to get out of the friend zone? Well, first things first, let her know that you feel like you’re in the friend zone. You could possibly be there because she’s waiting on you to step up. If you’re there for a reason, she’ll tell you. Don’t miss bullsh*t here, the user will almost definitely have an answer along the lines of “I’m not ready for a relationship” or “I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship”. Be sure to understand that users are looking for a benefit. If you’ve been being extra sweet and spoiling her with girlfriend privileges, that’s your fault! Tighten up! After that, it’s up to you to determine whether you want to stay there or move on.

Another variation of ‘thefriendzone’ that most of you are oblivious to is ‘thebestiephase’. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE WORD BESTIE. The bestie is normally the guy she can’t call her brother, because she likes him and 9 times out of 10 is f*cking, but also can’t call him her man–for more reasons than 1. You’re better than this guys. A best friend is a best friend… not a f*ck buddy. Plain and simple. If you’ve got this going on, stop it today. You’re going to end up being played or having to deal with her tom foolery when you do finally find the right girl because by then she’ll be ‘emotionally invested’ in you.

Don’t be a sucker!

From me to you,


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