Head over Heels

Have you ever truly thought about this question? Recently, I’ve been witnessing myself grow in depths I really could have never imagined. I’ve had people of all kinds compliment me on my craft, my hair, my smile, my personality… plenty of things–and not to be boastful, but I’d say I was pretty deserving of every compliment. And that’s ok.

The body is a beautiful thing, we [women] have features that are entirely irresistible. What else is there?

I know plenty men who chose to devote their time chasing women with curves and other physicality’s, but unfortunately the moment they open their mouths… dumb. You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again. You can’t be beautiful and stupid. A queen runs a kingdom, an empress, an empire and a Goddess?–Well. You know the rest. So really think about this question. If you have to have a long weave, eyelashes, tons of skin showing and whatever else physically makes you feel empowered,  are you powerlessly hiding behind all of that? If the world was full of blind people would you be able to attract someone’s mind?

This is the kind of woman men need, ladies. They may not know it quite yet, but if you were wondering why your crush is chasing after the bookworm, this is why. Men need to be challenged mentally. Physical attractions are only temporary. If you cannot stimulate a conversation, stimulate his mind, and you only offer him physical satisfaction you have so much growing to do.

We all know confidence is the number one accessory to be worn with any outfit, but the next thing is intelligence. No, I’m not saying that confidence overpowers intelligence at all, but it is the thing to be seen first. You can’t judge a book by its cover. I make sure that when I walk into a room my presence beats my voice, but when I do begin to speak I make sure I am heard. Not by the volume of my voice, but by the value in my words. It’s one of the main reasons I write. I take pride in the knowledge I have. Knowledge is infinite and it should infinitely fill you and your spirit.

You’ll never really find me raving about designer pieces or the latest shoe release because those are not the things I want people to remember me for. I want people to remember me as a powerful woman. A smart woman. A strong woman. All these attributes, needless to say, won’t be seen just because of the outfit I put on. Show manners. Be graceful. Think before you speak. Be selfless. Help others. Yes, it all sounds so ‘Miss America’, but you have to understand that the physical is SO temporary that these things I have just described are what truly separates the valuables from the junk.

Men like the women who put time into the outer appearance, but you can really steal a man’s a heart away by having a beautiful inside to offer him as well. The women who are smart, helpful, graceful, clean–those are the women who get and keep the guy. The ones who show a little too much cleavage, flirt too much, speak too often, speak too loudly–well, obviously they get the guy–but only for a night and they usually don’t even allow her to spend the night.

You’re worth so much more than that. Don’t turn to physical things to attract your soulmate. It won’t help. If that’s all he wants you for, that’s not your king. So, tonight when you wash off all that makeup and get back to the natural you, I want you to ask yourself how many people you impressed today without the help of all of that. You must be happy with yourself before others find happiness in you.

I know you can do it. I’m rooting for you.

Peace and Love good people,


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