The Thirst.


Dear Men,

Don’t be alarmed. I’m not about to tell you that you’re wrong for being ‘thirsty’–or that you are even being thirsty for that matter. This term and way of thinking is something I’m hoping will be left in 2013 for sure.

So, let’s get into things shall we? Now, first, let me recognize that (most times) it’s not you–it’s us. Ladies, have forgotten how to respect themselves these days, and in that, they have forgotten that we are supposed to be the object of a man’s affection. It’s a compliment. Now, whether that affection derives from her showing off her beautiful mind or her body–that is on her to decide–and the male approach is also generally determined by which of those assets she chooses to show off. So, yes, I’m on your side when it comes to this whole thirst ridiculousness.

What do girls consider thirsty? Hmm. Well, from what I can make out–the ‘can I have your number?‘ messages or comments on social media networks, obsessive likes on photos, ‘follow back’ requests, public accounts of addressing the young lady as “beautiful, queen, sexy, etc.” If you call them instead of texting them (and I don’t think there’s a limit to the number of calls in account of annoyance… once could be as bad as calling ten times). Then, there’s the multiple text action that appears as thirsty, especially if she hasn’t responded once. Those are the most common signs of ‘thirst’ to most girls.

Now where the female fails to realize she initiates the act of thirst is by responding via social media or (more commonly) giving her number to you when sheknows she doesn’t want to hear from you. If you hadn’t heard…females are just as egotistical as men. Especially when they feel like they look good. I’ll say it since no one else seems to want to admit it; Females are worse than men these days. They will provoke the acts of thirst for the simple fact of wanting to be desired–it’s never a huge deal about who it is so long as someone is making them feel like they’re the shxt. It’s rather confusing actually. Of course, it’s not all females. It’s generally the ‘I’m independent‘, ‘I just want a buddy‘, ‘I don’t need a man‘ chicks who think a man who desires them is thirsty instead of being able to identify his actual interest in her. Which is also why she’s alone in my eyes.

Most females who respect themselves and are at a more mature level in life won’t classify you as thirsty man just because you notice they are attractive or you choose to compliment them. It doesn’t mean they won’t still give you their number trying to be nice or hoping for the best, but when you start going a little too hard, she more than likely won’t have any problems letting you know that she’s not feeling it. Then there are those like myself, who will simply let you know she’s just not interested, but still thank you for the compliment. That’s the kind of girl you want to interact with. If she can’t speak up about something as simple as you contacting her too much–she’s probably not going to be too good at communicating about anything else.

What do you do when  a girl you want thinks your thirsty? If you genuinely like her and she can’t depict that for herself, then it’s possible you should just keep it a stack with her and tell her upfront. If you’ve already done that and she’s still resistant–stop contacting her. If she wants you, she’ll reach out. If she doesn’t, you just rid yourself of wasted time. It’s a win-win situation in my book. DO NOT WASTE TIME WITH SOMEONE WHO THINKS GENUINE ACTS OF AFFECTION ARE ‘THIRSTY’.  Affection is needed in a lasting relationship, as is communication. If she can’t speak up about what she wants from you or anything else for that matter–say goodbye.

I’m sorry we’ve been leading on that we don’t want you guys to call instead of text. Or to text us all day just to let us know we’re on your mind. Or for you to say ‘Good Morning’ every morning. Or for you to call us beautiful, intelligent, sexy. WOMEN do want that. GIRLS still want to have fun.

Keep in mind that you could be in the light of the female perspective I’m describing also guys… If there is a girl that you feel is ‘trying too hard’ or won’t give up the cookie–chances are she actually likes you. Don’t lead people on if you don’t want to be led on. Hope this helps.

From me to you,


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