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You Are What You Eat


As you may remember in The Veggie Project, Goddess Isis introduced her journey as a vegetarian on the 30th of November. Now nearly two months in, she’s feeling more proud of this decision than ever. The following YouTube video is painful to watch, but highly educational. If you have a heart, please take a second to ‘Meet Your Meat’:

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Inside the Mind of MandaPandie 2

Meet TreManda Pewett everybody… Or as many of you may know her from her incredible Instagram work, “MandaPandie”. Manda hails from Chicago, but is currently in L.A. raising money for her Fall 2014 semester at the renowned Spelman College. She is pursuing a degree in Industrial Design. We were completely drawn in by TreManda’s remarkable artistry skill, her love for God, and her funky character designs. Check out what Manda had to say during her interview with Goddess Isis:


The “Best Damn Valentine’s Day Date” Ideas 2

It’s right around the corner… half of us are thrilled, others wish we could just do away with the damned holiday. If you’re excited about it, wait until you read these ideas! If you’re not feeling v-day, give me a few minutes to try and change your mind. I did some brainstorming, Instasurfing, and web surfing to help us all have a Happy Valentine’s Day this year. All of us being the new couples, the ‘no’ couples, and the old couples. Feel free to completely copy these ideas or to tweak them in ways that best suite you and/or your baby. […]


Bearded Men Get the Drawers

Dear Men, I’m not sure if you haven’t received the memo just yet, but facial hair is ALWAYS a definite Y-E-S! I didn’t think it was important enough to become a topic, but after having to clue in too many of my male friends, apparently we need to talk about this.


The 7 (or so) Cardinal Rules of Life



So, I’m doing my usual ‘find some inspiration’ Instagram surfing and I scroll across The Seven Cardinal Rules of Life. Cardinal, for those of you who may not know, means fundamental. So with that, I think the rules described in the Instaquote pictured above are great but–as you may have expected–I definitely have a few things I’d like to contribute to them. Continue reading


No Checks, No Sex.

I get it. It’s fxcking scary. No one wants to walk into a clinic and walk out knowing they’ve been burnt and what’s worse, most people probably wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for the person they got it from.



Just recently, I’ve become infatuated with @daeizm‘s thoughts. There was one thing I had seen from him that inspired this very entry. I couldn’t agree more with his thought process you’re seeing in the image above. When did we popularize being such a careless body of people and what exactly are we trying to prove by doing so?