Living Naturally: Trey Zorns


TGC got  a chance to interview 24 year old, University of West Georgia alumni, Trey Zorns. We were captured by Trey’s gorgeous locs and astounding artwork. Trey tells us “Painting and poetry are my means of being able to touch lives. God motivates me.” Find out what else he had to say during his interview with Goddess Isis:


TGC is all about natural hair. Goddess Isis has been growing her dreads for a little while now, but has been natural a long time. We really appreciate others who confidently wear their natural tresses. How long have you been growing your dreads? I’ve been growing my hair for 6 years.


How long have you been following your dreams of being an artist? This is always shocking to my audiences when I answer this question, but I’ve only been painting for 2 years. Fortunately, God blessed me with the ambition and talent to progress in a quick manner.

Have their been any particular ‘growing pains’ or lessons you’ve learned since pursuing your dreams? Yes, I attended a predominantly white college, so it was a struggle finding staff members as well as fellow artists on campus of whom I would be able to relate to as well as having them relate to me.


We love the pieces you’ve created like “The Predictable Destiny”. Goddess Isis says that she will lock her childrens’ hair beginning at one years old. So many people argue that locking a child’s hair at such a young age is taking away their personal choice of wearing their hair that way–which isn’t fair. What are your thoughts on parents who choose to lock their childrens hair at such a young age? I’ve made the same decision myself. If I’m ever blessed enough to have kids of my own I would want them to have locks as well. I don’t see a problem with the parent making that decision at all.


You are the first male to be featured in the ‘Living Naturally’ column of The Goddess Column. Congratulations and THANK YOU! I normally ask the women featured here if they ever feel that wearing their hair naturally affects the way they’re accepted in society and almost every one of them says “yes”. Do you feel that your natural hair affects the way you are accepted in society? Of course. I knew once I decided to grow my locks that the public would view me a certain way but I took that as a challenge and I try to abolish the stereotypes.

Do you ever feel judged (regarding your character, interests, beliefs, etc.) by others because you choose to wear your hair in it’s natural state? Mostly from people outside of my race, but sometimes I must admit I feel judged by some who are African American just like I am, but I knew these challenges would come my way by wearing locks.

How long have you been creating artwork? I have been creating artwork since the age of 5, but I’ve only been painting for 2 years.


What are your future aspirations? I’m planning on doing an art exhibit in the summer. All of this is relatively new to me so I’m just feeling my way out and taking it a day at a time.


Some of our favorite artwork we’ve seen from you focuses on some pretty serious issues in society. What specifically inspires your artwork? God and Life. Not to sound too simplistic but I don’t like to over complicate things during my thought process. I just allow god to provide me with a vision & then I make art.

What is the most meaningful piece of art you have created so far? I definitely can’t choose one. Each piece equally means the world to me. Even including my poems. Each of those are considered art to me as well.


We’ve observed that you are a college graduate. Congratulations! We commend people who were able to tackle that obstacle in life and still followed their dreams. What is your perspective on individuals who choose to follow their dreams before actually attempting to obtain a college degree? We all have different paths we must take. I don’t judge the road one takes to achieve their goals. I respect ambition.

What words of advice would you give others who have aspirations of pursuing a dream similar to yours? Listen to your heart. Pursue your life’s purpose.

Who inspires your artistic drive? I’m not an art historian whatsoever. I don’t spend time studying previous artists before me because I feel all that does is make one want to emulate their style. Therefore, in the most humble way possible, I would have to say I inspire myself because looking at my work & progress is what motivates me to keep going.


Do you have a favorite piece you’ve created to date? I love them all the same.

We are just loving Trey! Are you? The way he captures these issues so vividly is amazing! We’re hoping you’re feeling just as inspired as we are. Follow more of Trey’s work on Instagram and Twitter! [To Trey] Your work is so beautiful. We hope that as you continue this new journey you’ll stay connected with us so we can watch your talent grow!

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