The Carters Spend $6,000 on Sex Toys


‘Yonce ain’t playing no games, hunTEY! 

I can only imagine how hard it is with both Beyonce and Jay-Z killing the music industry right now, I can bet they don’t get to spend a whole lot of time having sex. The infamous couple made sure though, that when they do at least it will be fun!


The day after Christmas, sources say the couple went and bought $6,000 worth of sex toys. Sounds like heaven to me! Although you’ll read many headlines (and the instagram photo above) saying that the money went to Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star, Kandi Burruss, and her line of sex toys Bedroom Kandi, it did not all go to her line. It’s still great to say that Bey and Jay bought from your sex toy line though, so kudos to her!

I think it’s great the couple took time to liven up their sex life. Read the full story here.


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