TGC Attends the No Pants Subway Ride 2014

I know you guys have been wondering what those pantless photos and videos on my Instagram account were. We’ve received a LOT of questions about it. As we told you guys in the first 13th Annual No Pants Subway Ride entry we posted, we were on our way to go and witness the event for ourselves and we had a ball!

The participants were so diverse. There were people of all ages, size, race, ethnic backgrounds–it was definitely a sight to see! Goddess Isis got a chance to speak with many of the participants, check out the first interview she did with these two beautiful Brooklyn based ladies:

I was captured by the next participants vibrant hair! She looked amazing and unlike the first interview you just watched you could tell they were FREEZING! Check out what they had to say during their interview with Goddess Isis:

We were so glad to have been able to experience the opportunity for ourselves. Goddess Isis will DEFINITELY be participating next year. She’s gonna have to work on the whole ‘keeping a straight face’ thing, but a yearly opportunity to go pantless in the middle of New York City?? SIGN ME UP!

Check out more of the fun photos from the event:






A HUGE thank you to Improv Everywhere and all of the pantless participates. You all truly made this the experience of a lifetime!

Peace and love.


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