Living The Dream: AM3N

As we’ve been stating in all our posts today, we’re celebrating members of the Greek Community today. Not all the members featured in today’s Living the Dream are Greek, but the Producer, CEO Joe, is a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. He produces a rising Hip-Hop group called “Am3n” and we are LOVING what we’ve heard from there latest mixtape. Check out what CEO Joe, Maine, and Yung Shan had to say during their interview with Goddess Isis:

What inspired Am3n? 

Maine: The name Am3n actually came from a number–the number 33. It’s a number that I’ve seen a lot throughout life. So I actually looked it up when I got older to see if it meant anything and I discovered that 33 is the numerical representation of the word ‘Amen’. A is the first letter of the alphabet, M is the 13th, E is the 5th, and N is the 14th add all those up and you get 33. So that’s why we have the 3 in Am3n.

Yung Shan: …And it’s so crazy because I began to see that joint everywhere. You know on the clock, 33 or on TV, 33. And It was so crazy I told Maine about it and he said he had been seeing it since high school. I had began to see it everyday you know like 9:33 or 11:33. So, we had a show but–no name. Our very first show and we didn’t have a name and we just was like “Wow, whats the name gonna be.?”And we’re just thinking and Maine came to me and was like “Am3n”, and I was like, “Yeah, that sounds dope.”

Maine: Ambitious Men 3nlighten Nations, we had came up with the acronym for it and that’s who we are.

As their manager, what about this group convinced you to represent them as a group?

CEO Joe: I’ve always been a fan of good music and music with substance and lyricism. I’ve always appreciated the art of it and the culture. I had already known them both before I knew they did music. Once they played me some of their stuff I was blown away. I didn’t believe it was them. It’s crazy to hear that kind of talent coming from some regular n*ggas you kick it with. I genuinely fxck with their music. I’m a fan first then a manager. So from then on I decided that I’ll do whatever I can do to help these guys get their music out and heard and it just went from there. They have a really strong work ethic and are very serious and passionate about their craft and on top of that, the shxt is dope. Plain and simple. I’m just honored that they’ve allowed me to take this role.

We enjoyed the songs we’ve heard from Am3n! What was the most meaningful song the group has recorded?

Maine: [His] Favorite song would probably be ‘Unforgotten’. Off the ‘Say Am3n’ EP. It was real personal. I was talking about my granddaddy. RIP. That one definitely had a lot of meaning to it.

Yung shan: We have a record on our ‘Say Am3n’ EP called ‘Unforgotten’, this record is so meaningful because it reflects on our lost ones and we reminisce on some of the times we shared with them as well. Letting them know that we’re not only trying to make it for ourselves and our earthly family, but for them in heaven as well, to know that they’re not forgotten in our lives.

How does Am3n differ from other Hip-Hop/Rap groups in the game now?

Yung Shan: Am3n is bringing back real lyrics to the game. Music needs more positive and meaningful lyrics to uplift the world to give a sick man hope. We’re bringing more passion and versatility to this game. We have so many different styles we can choose from to make great music for our listeners.

Maine: We’re just better than them n*ggas bruh, period. Our stuff has meaning to it and we don’t just throw it together. We’re different.

What has been the most difficult challenge Am3n has had to face in their journey so far?

Yung Shan: Really getting on in the music business because it’s not only just about going to the studio and recording thinking you’re gonna make it as soon as you put your songs out on twitter. It’s about really getting out in the world with your music–networking, making the right moves, and continuing to work hard. We got all the talent in the world, but what good comes out of that if you’re the only one that knows it. So basically, just connecting with the world musically has been the most difficult challenge.

If Am3n could do a song with any artist/group on the planet, who would the group choose? Why?

Maine: From the past I would have to say, 2pac, Biggie, Aaliyah, Big L. Presently? Drake? I gotta see you. Kendrick? I gotta see you. Cole? I gotta see you sir. I gots to.

Yung Shan: Basically probably the same you know, Pac, Biggie them boys, they were a big inspiration on music. Nas too; can’t forget about Nas. Drake, Ye, can’t forget about Kanye. Andre 3k, Ross, Cole, Jay. Jay Z, gotta work with Jigga Man.

Maine: …and one time for all the underground artists, Curren$y, Smoke DZA, Krit, definitely would work with them guys.

Yung: Nipsey Hussle tough, Dom Kennedy, n*ggas be sleeping on Dom.

Maine: Yeah man I see everybody man, we’re just trying to get there with ya. Am3n shxt.

Does Am3n have any words of encouragement/advice for other individuals who are trying to follow their dreams of pursuing a musical career?

Yung Shan: Basically advice I can give is to work hard, you know? Everybody wanna be there, everybody wanna be on top, but you gotta work hard and if you don’t work hard, you’re not gonna get there. Hard work beats talent.

Maine: …What talent doesn’t work hard? Exactly. Everybody you see on… They worked for it. It ain’t gonna happen overnight. You gotta keep going. Consistency. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it.

Yung Shan: I remember when we didn’t have any interviews. I remember when we first started and nobody knew. I just feel like you gotta keep going. You gotta have the passion for your goal in whatever you wanna do. Gotta have the passion. The drive.

Is there anything else Am3n would like to share with TGC Readers?

Be on the lookout for new music from us always. We’re gonna keep going hard and we plan to be here to stay. Go check out our other projects the Say Amen EP, City On Our Shoulders Volume 1, and our latest release, Lost Files. Follow us on Facebook, <ahref=”http://soundcloud.com/am3n”>SoundCloud, ,a href=”http://am3nmusic.tumblr.com”>Tumblr and Twitter @am3nmusic, @YungShan1, and @Maine_V3nt and thank you to all of our supporters and fans and listeners. And thanks to TGC for this opportunity. City Volume 2 coming 1st quarter 2014!

We’re so excited to be on board with Am3n at such a young stage. We’re hoping for a great future for the rising Hip-Hop artists. Be sure to check out all of their music via the links provided and link them on social media! [To Am3n]: I love how you all came up with your name! I had no idea about the whole ’33′ thing! Thanks for the knowledge! Keep moving forward, you guys. The talent is there, the passion is there, keep God first and you won’t fail! We’re expecting big things from all of you! Peace and love.



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