Just recently, I’ve become infatuated with @daeizm‘s thoughts. There was one thing I had seen from him that inspired this very entry. I couldn’t agree more with his thought process you’re seeing in the image above. When did we popularize being such a careless body of people and what exactly are we trying to prove by doing so?Β 

I believe I do my fair share of encouraging my readers to break away from this mold. You hear it almost everywhere these days… in social media, on television, in music… that “I don’t give a fxck” attitude being idolized. What’s even more crazy to me is that normally it’s stated by men, but women are even beginning to adjust to this way of thinking. It’s scary. We as women are the natural-born caregivers. If we adopt this way of thinking who will keep the hope and positivism flowing for the generations to come?

People idolize these celebrity lifestyles and relationships highlighted in the media–and even friends/associates in happy relationships–do you think those happy couples got where they are today because they didn’t care about anything? What about the people you see following there dreams? Don’t lie to yourself. ‘Not caring’ is a defense mechanism. We generally take to a lack of caring when we feel hurt or angry and that makes us feel weak. It’s an easy way to make yourself feel better. What we need to wake up and realize is that it takes real strength and faith to genuinely care about something. It takes a strong person to communicate that care. It takes an even stronger person to prove that care.

Be more positive. Instead of taking the harmful, easy way out… look deep inside yourself, lay your pride aside, and show that you care about whatever it is you’re saying you don’t. I agree with Dae, I hope that in 2014 that negligent attitudes dies with all the other foolishness that our generation needs to get rid of. Let’s let it start with us. The next time someone hurts your feelings, don’t lie and say you don’t care. Talk to them about it. The next time you and your significant get in an argument, don’t say you don’t care, do what’s necessary to make it right between you two. The next time something doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to, don’t say you don’t care. Work harder and don’t stop until you get it. You’re strong enough to be the change we need. You have nothing to prove to anyone, but yourself. Don’t forget that. And just in case you’re doing it because you think nobody else cares…

I care.

Peace and love, dear reader.


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