Bearded Men Get the Drawers


Dear Men,

I’m not sure if you haven’t received the memo just yet, but facial hair is ALWAYS a definite Y-E-S! I didn’t think it was important enough to become a topic, but after having to clue in too many of my male friends, apparently we need to talk about this.

That picture up at the top? Yeah, that’s really how we think. [Neat] Facial hair is so attractive it’s sickening. There’s just something about that big old manly patch of hair growing on your face. Ugh, TURN ON. Especially when you keep it neat. That means yes, shaving in the appropriate areas of your face, keeping it lined up, and COMBING IT OUT. You don’t like naps in the back of our head and we don’t like naps on the bottom of your chin. A trade for a trade. It also means appropriately washing your face so that you don’t get all those disgusting looking ingrown hair bumps. Yeah, sorry not sorry, that is SO not okay.

Anyway, this one wasn’t meant to be too long-winded, more like an FYI. If you want to give your girl or the ladies (if you’re single) a refreshing sight of you, give a beard or at least a little facial hair (excluding the ‘pornstache’ at ALL TIMES). If you didn’t know, now you do. Us ladies go CRAZY for a sexy, bearded beau. On top of the facial hair– if you really want to get us going–accompany your facial hair with a relaxed, debonair look (I’m talking fitted collared shirt with no tie and slacks type-of-deal). Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Try it on for size around Valentine’s day…

From me to you, 


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