The “Best Damn Valentine’s Day Date” Ideas


It’s right around the corner… half of us are thrilled, others wish we could just do away with the damned holiday. If you’re excited about it, wait until you read these ideas! If you’re not feeling v-day, give me a few minutes to try and change your mind.

I did some brainstorming, Instasurfing, and web surfing to help us all have a Happy Valentine’s Day this year. All of us being the new couples, the ‘no’ couples, and the old couples. Feel free to completely copy these ideas or to tweak them in ways that best suite you and/or your baby.


It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have one of the best nights of your life. Here are few inexpensive, yet meaningful date night ideas:

Any Location Picnic. In my case, all I’d need is a bottle of wine, some cubed cheese, a blanket, and a way to play some sweet love songs and I’m all set! 

      • Park picnic
      • Camping/Tent picnic
      • Couch picnic
      • Truck bed picnic


Tournament of Love. Choose anything playfully competitive and make a date out of trying to put your lover to shame (in a good way, of course) and then make it all the more special by coming up with some incredibly sexy wagers. That way you’ll have fun during the lover’s competition, but you’ll have even more fun when the competitions over. Think ‘Love & Basketball’ strip basketball scene.

    • NERF War
    • Video Games
    • Chuck E. Cheese’s (A little costly, but not really)
    • Dave & Buster’s (If you’re too good for C.E.C.)
    • Board Games
    • Laser Tag/Arcade Games
    • Make your own obstacle course
    • Make your own competition

Teach Each Other Something. You may be thinking to yourself, how is that a date? But, consider it this way. How cute would it be if instead of watching your honey play his video game while you mindlessly surf Twitter, you were able to play it with him–and actually give him a run for his money?! Teaching each other something is a great way to foster that friendship within your relationship. 

    • How to play an instrument
    • How to play a video game
    • Understanding a sport
    • How to do your favorite hobby

Candlelit Bubble Bath. I can’t think of many other completely romantic little-to-no-cost date ideas than a candlelit bubble bath. Can you? All you need is a  little wine, plenty bubbles, and soft music. This will make for some great conversation and lotioning each other up afterwards is bound to cause some ‘excitement’ I’m sure.


If you’re a couple that regularly has date night or your single and you often enjoy having me time, try spending time doing some off-the-wall things with your significant or with yourself. Take a few of these ideas into consideration:

Make a Time Capsule. Take your favorite memories (photos, love letters, ticket stubs, etc.) and put it into a box. On the top of the box make sure you indicate when the box was buried and when to open the box “Do Not Open Until”. After creating your time capsule, find a place you’ll be able to come back to years after doing this or where someone else can discover the capsule (for example, I’d use my grandmother’s home because I know it will always be in the family..) and bury the time capsule. 

“BLIND” Date. This is a LOT of fun. Whoever suggests this idea will be the one who has to do all the work, just FYI. This kind of date seriously takes trust between the couple. As suggested in the title, after dinner, your partner will be “blind” for whatever else the rest of the night holds. As a matter of fact, you could even have them blind during dinner as well, keeping in mind that you’d actually have to feed them, of course. This is a real play on the senses and makes for some exceptionally great love-making. Get creative. Think of all the enjoyable things you can explore within the senses of taste, smell, touch and hearing.

Make a Documentary. How often do you say to yourself or each other, “We need a TV show..” It’s so easy to make a video these days, why not make a documentary you can keep forever? You can make this a project you both are working on for a couple months or just record some of the best moments of your Valentine’s Day bliss. I think ultimately, it’d be the sweetest thing to later look back on in a couple years or even something to show your kids in the future. Yeah, I know… I’m a hopeless romantic.

Face a Fear. This is another one of those ideas that will help strengthen the bond between the two of you (and could also be excellent footage for your Lover’s Documentary). Try doing something fun/thrilling that allows each of you to face a fear. For example, my boyfriend hates heights. We’re flying to Georgia in a couple days and I am ABSOLUTELY recording it! (Shh, don’t tell him). In turn, we’ll also find something once we touch down that will have me face a fear and I’ll be recording that too (just to be fair). Just being able to help each other through such a trying time will help for a stronger bond and some hilarious laughs to later look back on.

The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt. You don’t have a whole lot of time left to plan something as extravagant as this, but there’s still time if you start now! How exciting is a scavenger hunt! You can be as creative as you want. This takes a lot of knowledge of your partner to be able to pull this off. They’ll have to actually know where the clues should lead to in order for this to be successful. I can’t really go into detail on how to pull this one off because each couple has different experiences, but here are a few ideas to consider:

    • Lead them to pick up what they will wear on your date. Purchase what you want them to wear and have the store hold it. 
    • Leave small clues around that will ultimately paint the big picture for the night leaving your partner bursting with anticipation.
    • Get your friends and family in on the scavenger hunt to make it all the more exciting.
    • Lead them to the final destination and be waiting on your partner once they get there. It will be fun to watch them searching until they finally see you–and just watch their eyes light up–yummy.
    • You can pretty much do anything you want and lead them anywhere you want with this type of date. Be creative.


Who needs an excuse to love on themselves? “Not I!” said the cat. Valentine’s Day is not just for couples and is all the more reason to take yourself out or to have a Girls’ Night with the ladies. It might seem weird, but look at how much fun it could be:

    • With the Girls:
      • Throw a single’s mixer.
      • Do makeovers.
      • Have a Girls’ Night In with plenty of movies, wine, and cute pajamas.
      • Go man hunting. There’s just as many single guys out on V-day as there are women–TRUST.
      • Create alter egos, take a day trip to another city, and have a BALL.
      • Go for karaoke and sing the shxt out of songs that capture your current mood.
    • Me Dates:
      • Go site-seeing
      • Take yourself somewhere you’ve never been before. The possibilities here are endless.
      • Spoil yourself. This could mean a spa day, a shopping spree, a vacation, whatever you want.
      • Go to a single’s mixer. Challenge yourself.
      • Go man-hunting. Who said you have to go with girls?
      • Candlelit bubble bath. Never a bad idea.

Keep the love flowing…

Don’t let Valentine’s Day be the only time you’re sweet to your honey or to yourself. Take a peak at some of these absolutely adorable ways to keep the spark going in your relationship.


‘Open When…’ Letters. I thought this was the absolute cutest darn thing. I’m always telling you how great a handwritten letter makes a person feel. This idea takes a lot of time and love in my eyes. Think of the trying times you have had or may come up against in your relationship and write letters to your relationship to help you guys work them out. I truly feel like an exercise like this could save a relationship. Here are some ideas for when you might need a letter:

    • Open When 
      • You need me.
      • You can’t sleep.
      • You want me.
      • You’re upset.
      • It’s our anniversary.
      • You need to be encouraged.
      • You miss me.
      • You need to know how much I love you.
      • You’re stressed.
      • We’re far away from each other.
      • You start to doubt our love.
      • You need a good laugh.


Date in a Jar. I like this idea so much because it can be used in all three cases. You can make this a ‘Me Date’ jar, a date jar for couples, or a ‘Girls Night Out’ jar. 

  1. Choose three date idea categories. (i.e. – a night in, a night out, adventurous dates)
  2. Brainstorm your dates for each category with the appropriate individuals (depending on what kind of jar your making).
  3. Get some Popsicle sticks, three different color markers (or buy colored sticks) to separate the categories, and write each date idea on the appropriate colored Popsicle stick to make random selection easier.
  4. Once you’ve written all your dates on the appropriate Popsicle sticks, mix the sticks, put all the sticks in a jar (canning jars are great for this and also easy and fun to decorate), and when you need a date randomly select a stick and off you go!


Date Coupons. This can also be done in all three cases as the ‘Date in a Jar’ was explained. The instagram picture shown above features ideas that are actually associated with a place like “One dinner at [insert restaurant here], but feel free to get creative and make coupons that apply to the relationship. 

    • For ‘Me Date’ Coupons, you could give yourself coupons towards things like a guilty pleasure, a spa date, or a vacation.
    • For ‘Girls Night Out’, you could make coupons for things that are involved in a GNO like a “Not the DD” coupon,  a “This never happened” coupon (for when you need your girls NEVER to bring up this particular event… EVER), or a “Girls just want to have fun” coupon (because let’s face it, sometimes single gals just want to make a decision based on fun).

I had fun just looking for and brainstorming these date ideas so imagine how much fun it could be actually doing them. I’m hoping that you found at least one idea that sparked another idea in your head to help you look forward to the upcoming day of love. If you have any other fun ideas, tell me about them… I’m listening.

Here’s to a great Valentine’s day.

Peace and love, dear reader.


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