Living the Dream: MandaPandie

Meet TreManda Pewett everybody… Or as many of you may know her from her incredible Instagram work, “MandaPandie”. Manda hails from Chicago, but is currently in L.A. raising money for her Fall 2014 semester at the renowned Spelman College. She is pursuing a degree in Industrial Design. We were completely drawn in by TreManda’s remarkable artistry skill, her love for God, and her funky character designs. Check out what Manda had to say during her interview with Goddess Isis:
What is your art to you? I don’t considerate it just one thing. Sometimes it’s my job, if I have a client. Sometimes it’s my hobby, if I do it for something to do… Most of the time its my muse or meditation.  May not be serious, or important… But it’s my “freed” expression. 
How long have you been fostering your passion for art? Since I was 3. Since Bob Ross & Saturday morning cartoons. I used to get in trouble for wasting paper. Then I got in trouble for drawing on everything.
Why do you draw? What does it do for you? When I draw mindlessly it relieves me from my thoughts. It’s like my relaxation. I’m not the type of girl to go to the spa to refresh and renew. I love the spa though, but I’d rather splash paint around. 
We’ve seen these skinny, natural haired, long-necked characters you draw via Instagram and we love them! Do these characters that you draw have a name? What inspired them? They are me [laughs]. They’re all the different me’s I see in the world. They are called “Good Girls”. They are modeled after African sculptures–hints the long neck–but they can virtually be any ethnicity. Although they appear skinny they come in all shapes and sizes. And I love God so they naturally have mad respect for the master Creator. I started drawing them specifically in my high school world history class in 2011. 
We discovered you from a fellow follower who posted a picture of a person’s Instagram picture you drew and our mind was completely blown! You’re work is truly amazing. Did you study art anywhere specifically? If not, how did you learn you were so skilled in drawing? I didn’t study art traditionally. I drew a lot in my free time. I won a few art shows in elementary school. My parents would buy me more and more art supplies as I got older, but I was a violin player and an avid video game player until the 9th grade. My high school killed a lot of my hobbies, so I got into theater and biking.Then I discovered Marwen (an art after school program for underserved youth on the North side of Chicago, IL). That’s where I learned that I was a tragically talented artist. I never really posted my art until Instagram. 
Do you have a favorite piece of artwork you’ve created to date? My favorite pieces are the weirdest and most risky. Like the old wrinkly lady or a “Good Girl” with exposed cleavage. 
How do you go about choosing the individuals you draw? Random. However I’m feeling at that moment. 
We saw the Instagram video you posted where you were actually drawing in the car–now that’s passion! Where is the weirdest place you ever created a piece of artwork? In the bed of my dad’s Dodge pick up truck. This past summer my brother Devontei was in the hospital and I got sooo mad at what the doctors were saying that I went out to the parking lot. I forgot the keys, so I sat in the back for a while and drew. 
Goddess Isis can write anywhere on the planet she feels, but she needs her Ray Charles radio and coffee to get in the zone. Are there certain ‘comfort’ conditions you have to have in order to create? I can draw anywhere… With most anything… From a crayon and a index card at Five Guys, to an ice cream cone on pavement. Music helps. And it’s mad awkward when bystanders stare in public.
What is the ultimate goal you have for yourself as an artist? If not as an artist, just in life in general. I aspire to be an industrial engineer. I took this year off because my brother passed in August, but I attend Spelman College as an art student (Industrial art). I intend on going to an engineering school afterwards. I want to design automobiles, locomotives, and possibly other modern marvels. 
Isn’t her work incredible? Another thing we absolutely adored about TreManda was the motive behind her selling her artwork at www.mandapandie.com was to help her parents pay for her college career. How awesome is that? For all you art lovers out there, she’s got some absolutely AMAZING original pieces for sale and also draws portraits. Please support her and her dreams. Also, be sure to follow Manda on Instagram[To Manda]: We were completely astonished by your love for God, moved by your story and how you incorporate that into your artwork. On top of that, how bad ass is it that you want to be an industrial engineer?! Bottom line is you’re amaze-balls and we can’t wait to continue to watch the greatness you create!
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