Commanding A #justloveethic

As a queer black lesbian woman who has fiercely stepped into her whole heart, tongue, fire presence and divine purpose through intensive self-work after loosing the Black woman I lovedlove for several years, I challenge you to command a ‘justloveethic’ in your personal and public spheres of life, as we approach Valentine’s Day. 
It is a blessing to be in the second month of a new year, but most importantly to be within the love month and come to the realization that I deserve and must command a justloveethic with both myself and others.
A justloveethic is one that I personally define as an amalgamation of my black lesbian politics and biblical scripture, which essentially commands that you love treat, affirm and recognize both yourself and others–that being your partner, family, friends, acquaintances and co-workers–with the utmost justice largely shown through utilizing a soft lovelanguage tongue and carrying out lovingbehaviors.
We must not be unjust in our love and in life, for the great Martin Luther King, Jr. in his own book entitled ‘Strength to Love‘, writes:
“The hardhearted person never truly loves. The hardheaded person lacks the capacity for genuine compassion. He is unmoved by the pains and afflictions of his brothers. We, as Negroes must bring together toughmindedness and tenderheartedness, if we *move creatively toward the goal of freedom and justice.”
Be the antithesis of injustice through affirming another in a sweet magic word that makes them feel springtime calla lilies wide open for you spokespeak to their humanity.
Regardless of your race, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion and/or education background, the common thread that ties all people is their innate humanity and need to feel recognized by another human being. according to merriam-webster that defines ‘humanity’ as ‘the quality or state of being kind to other people.’ If you critically unpack the definition of ‘humanity’ beyond it’s topical definition, you discovered it’s root word, that being ‘kind,’ which is ‘having or showing gentle nature and desire to help others; wanting and liking to do good things and to bring happiness to others.’
The fact that the word ‘kind’ is embedded within the word ‘humanity’ speaks volumes to my promotion and encouragement of a justloveethic, seeing that it aligns with God’s word, that being 1 Corinthians 13, which states: “Love is patient, love is kind, love does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth. it always hopes.” The definition of humanity which involves being ‘kind’ directly mirrors and honors God’s word, which essentially comes back to upholding, uplifting and emulating a justloveethic.
Therefore, yes, Valentine’s day is fast approaching, but command/demand from yourself the tone of Valentine’s day in your life everyday and toward others. And whether or not your booed up, command that you show reverence, respect and honor to your partner with a tender soft tongue that deeply love tells them that they are valuable, essential and tantamount to oxygen. When you as an individual can show your heart true and warm to another to transfer a sacred vibrant energy that individual/partner will never forget how warm seasoned cooked their soul felt after you touched them soft.
Most importantly, in order to carry out and enforce a piercing justloveethic you have to first justly love yourself whole. After suffering from low self-esteem/worth, quiet voice, and meek presence, I look at those behaviors as sustaining and perpetuating an un-justloveethic which ultimately is the antithesis of becoming self-actualized and strong in using her tongue to command justice.

I now view the voice as one of the strongest sunflower means in order to ensure individual justice for when you speak you become alive, your entire existence and power is acknowledged. I now walk just and know my loveworth. For Audre Lorde, stellar Black lesbian poet writer, wrote:

“The speaking profits me beyond any other effect. i am standing here as a black lesbian poet. I was forced to look upon myself and my living with a harsh and urgent clarity has left me shaken but *much stronger.”



By: Porsha Eden
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