Fashion Inspiration 101: Ashley Nicole


This weeks Fashion Inspiration 101 is the owner of Kloset Snob Boutique. We love what we’ve seen from both Ashley and her boutique! The clothes are everywhere from chic, long-style dresses to funky printed overalls and we can’t get enough! Check out what Ashley had to say during her interview with Goddess Isis:

What inspired you to follow your dreams of becoming a boutique owner? Being my own boss was always an aspiration of mine. As a college student, I’m surrounded by all different types of people that all just about know what they want in life. Entering college I was a nursing major, but after a few semesters I started to realize health care just wasn’t for me. After thinking about what really interested me, I decided to change my major to business and turn my life around. My biggest inspiration to follow my dreams would be myself. I inspired myself to grind and making a bright future for myself.


We learned that you’re only 20 years old, wow! When did you turn your dreams into a reality with your boutique? What was the process like? I started in August of 2013; at the time I was 19. It all happened overnight sounds cliché–yes I know! One night I was sitting in my bed thinking “I already know what is going to make me happen so what exactly am I waiting on.” The same night I created my website and all my social network pages, I was determined and on a mission! The process was long and I’m still in the process of building my brand and networking. There was definitely some days were I wanted to quit and just throw in the towel, but then I would be a quitter. In the end, I know all my hard work and time will pay off!

What inspires/influences your fashion style? I would say my style is urban, college chic! I honestly just wake up in the morning and throw on something. However I’m feeling that day, my clothes definitely represent that! Now I do lurk on Instagram all the time staying updated with the latest trends.


How would you describe your fashion style? College affordable. If there’s a sale… I’m defintely going to check it out!

How does your brand reflect you as a person? Lets see, Kloset Snob is me. It’s my baby, my brand, my everything. Sometimes you want to just feel like you are better than everyone else. When you go out, you want to feel like you’re the baddest because you have on something exclusive that no one else is wearing!             I’m not a snob by far and that isn’t the meaning of my brand, I use it in this way–“I feel like the baddest because I know no one else has this.”


What is the one piece of your wardrobe that you can’t live without? I can not live without my peacoats! I love them, I have all different colors and styles long and short. You can dress them up or down!


Is there a particular process you undergo to choose the pieces you offer at Kloset Snob Boutique? Yes! Once I find a piece that I am interested in purchasing, I take it straight to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I post the picture and my caption is always something like “Ladies yes or no?” or “Would you wear?” This process is great because it tells me exactly what I know will sell based off the votes from the picture, so I won’t just be ordering items that won’t sell.


What advice would you give to others who are thinking of pursuing a dream similar to yours? I would say never give up! If this is something that you really want to pursue stick to it! Yes, it can be hard and expensive, but with the right techniques you will be making sales left and right and having your business pay for itself–that’s your ultimate goal! Also, don’t think you are going to get rich overnight, no way! I’m nowhere near being rich and to me, it isn’t all about the money. It’s about seeing my pieces on people and seeing them happy!


Do you have any other aspirations involving the fashion industry? If so, what are they? Yes, I plan on eventually opening a store in my hometown, then eventually expanding wordwide!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with TGC readers? Be sure to follow me on Instagram @KlosetSnob for daily updates and also, check out our website to shop with me online.

Best of luck Ashley! You’re well on your way my dear. Keep chasing that dream. We can’t wait to see you progress! -TGC.

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