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‘My Goodies–NOT MY GOODIES’: Celibate and Dating 1

Today’s entry will be an extra special one. Although it’s been a while now, a dear friend of mine sent me a request that read: “Baby girl, can you do a piece on trying to be celibate and dating in today’s world? As a God-fearing woman, this poses a lot of difficulties because a lot of men–while they may respect what you are trying to do–won’t venture into this with you because they want a woman that will have sex with them. I find this interesting and want to know if other people have tried this and found the same […]


It Was JUST Sex

A friend of mine re-posted the photo pictured below on his Instagram and I decided not to leave you guys in the dark on the situation at hand. The language is very strong for my liking, but the clean version of the message reads: “I think men can have sex with another woman and still love his woman, but I don’t think a girl can have sex with another man and really love her man.” Dear Men,


TGC Goes Behind the Lens with Director, Devin ‘ToadGod’ Wilson

As you all know I’ll never stop supporting those who follow their dreams. What makes me even more proud that someone has chosen to do so is when I learn that it is someone I already know. I was so excited to get the inside scoop on the success of a good friend of mine. Meet ToadGod, family. Devin ‘ToadGod’ Wilson is the Founder, Director, and Editor of ToadEye Films based in Atlanta, Ga. ToadEye Films was born a little over a year ago in January of 2013 and I couldn’t be more astonished at the high heights Devin and ToadEye Films have reached already!


Join me in learning more about where he’s been and what he’s learned so far in this exclusive interview with Goddess Isis: Continue reading


If You’re Not Asleep… She Could Probably Do Better. 4

Dear Men, That’s right, you heard me… If you don’t look anything like the picture above after sex, I’m here to tell you that (between the two of you) someone’s gotta do better–but why not let it be your lady?


TGC Chats with Music Critic and Motivator, Jassi Lu

One of the best parts of my job is the amazing people I get to connect with. Today’s featured guest is Jassi Lu of Jassi Lu is a 22 year old music critic, interviewer, videographer and lover of all things music. She is a native of New York, but is currently pursuing her Degree in Mass Communications at Claflin University in South Carolina. She offers a ton of interviews and music reviews from ridiculously talented underground and upcoming music artists. On top of fostering her love for journalism and music she has also started a non-profit organization in the […]


TGC Talks ‘Passion, Fashion, and Attitude’ with Celebrity Stylist, Ryan Christopher 1

I had the complete pleasure of getting to speak to Celebrity Fashion Stylist Ryan Christopher so I could share his light with all of you! Ryan Christopher is a Birmingham, Alabama native. He graduated from Miles College with a Degree in Business. He officially began his journey to the top in the fashion industry by styling and producing Fashion Shows for his Alma Mater. Along with that, he has reached out and networked along the way and has created a beautiful start to a fruitful career. Ryan Christopher has styled celebrities such as Love &  Hip-Hop Atlanta Reality Television Star […]