5 Household Items That Make Great Jewelry Organizers

Ladies, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a bunch of jewelry–and while ‘yes, I know how to find it when I need it’–it could definitely use a little organization! Check out these 5 household items I never imagined could bring so much order into my room!


Cheese Grater Dangle Earring Organizer – Get crafty and decorate it so it has a little life while sitting on your dresser, but this cheap household item is a great way to store your dangle earrings!

Adhesive Hook Necklace Organizer – These little adhesive hooks are a great way to display your necklaces! Get creative and place the hooks in a decorative way to add an even more aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. This idea could be used to hang small purses and belts as well!

icetrayIce Cube Tray Stud Earring Organizer – This is by far my favorite. I HATE losing one of my earrings because they’re all so scattered around. Grab a couple of ice cube trays, decorate them as you wish and use the little ‘cubbies’ as I call them to sort your stud earrings out. Depending on how many you have you could sort each by pair, style, or even color!

SodaPopSoda Pop Tab Closet Organizer – Can you say ‘lifesaver’? We can never have too much space in our closet ladies and yes, although this may seem a little strange (and may require a LOT of soda cans)… it works! It’s a great way to organize your outfits and create space in your closet!

showerhooksShower Curtain Ring Necklace Organizer – Now that we just made all that space in our closet with the soda pop tab organizer, grab some old curtain hangers from the closet and use them to hang your necklaces! This is a great way to hang belts and purses as well. If you’ve got an extra curtain rod laying around find a nice place to display the organizer and your necklaces!

If you don’t have these items around the house, all of these items can be found at dollar stores, Wal-Mart and stores of the like. Hope this helps ladies! Don’t forget to check out Pinterest for more great DIY organizers!

Peace and love, dear reader.


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