Baby Fashion: Behind [ little. ] by Kelly Marie Dunn


Kelly Marie Dunn is a Los Angeles-based talent manager who represents over ten years of experience within the music industry. A specialist in the management and development of pop, crossover, and urban acts, she draws from a broad background of knowledge and practice to build winning brand strategies. She represents a diverse roster of creative individuals working with names like Lady Gaga and Richard Jackson. She was raised in Portland, Oregon and is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where she earned her degree with honors in Broadcast Journalism from the Annenberg School of Journalism. She enjoys golf, travel, and arts & crafts, and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I learned of Kelly Marie when I began watching The Oxygen docu-series, Girlfriend Confidential: LA where Kelly was a principal cast member. The show showcased Kelly’s work in and around the music business. Almost instantly, I was drawn in by her cheerful, squeaky voice and her ambitious work ethic.

I’m proud to say, TGC had the privilege to chat with Kelly Marie Dunn about one of her latest developments, [ little. ] by Kelly Marie Dunn. Okay you guys, I have a confession. So many of my friends are having babies and getting pregnant and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve got baby fever and when I saw [ little. ] by kelly marie dunn I thought they were simply adorable. [ little. ] by kelly marie dunn booties are fashionable, affordable, and are handmade with love–literally. They’re the perfect baby shower gift! As if the booties weren’t already perfect, once we learned that the product was handmade we just had to find out more about how [ little. ] by kelly marie dunn began.


Check out what Kelly Marie Dunn had to say during her interview with Goddess Isis:

From what I understand you do not have any children, how was the [ little. ] by kelly marie dunn brand inspired? Although I want them in the future, I don’t currently have any children. However, inspiration for my brand [ little. ] by Kelly Marie Dunn happened in the most organic way… All my friends started having babies! I take great pride in selecting thoughtful gifts for all occasions, and I noticed that I had a surge of baby showers to attend. I suppose that’s what happens when you reach thirty-something in age! I wanted to gift something special to the people in my life, and could think of nothing better than something handmade with love. That’s where the brand started–out of a real-life need for something adorable, stylish, and made by me–and I’m proud to say I’m “Auntie Kelly” to a whole bunch of fabulous kids belonging to my besties!

I’m crazy about all the designs you offer, but the ‘Comfy Courderoy’ booties are simply one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen made for a baby–ever. I can only imagine how hard it is picking designs from “that’s soooo cute” to “ooh, but that’s cute too!” Have you found yourself facing challenges with selecting the unique prints and designs that [ little. ] by kelly marie dunn features? I understand that the idea of baby slippers isn’t unique, and that there are dozens of options in terms of the silhouette I’m producing. However, I’ve identified my strength and talent as being the fabric and pattern pairings I make. I spend hours and hours sourcing materials–wandering through endless mazes of fabric bolts. I make sure to edit my choices constantly, because it is indeed very easy to get carried away! I also pay attention to the buying patterns of my clients. Just because a particular fabric seemed like a cute idea when I first laid eyes on it, doesn’t mean it will translate into a style that people will positively react to. I have to be quick enough and savvy enough to know when to revise or completely remove a style from my catalogue.

What has been your most fulfilling moment since launching [ little. ] by kelly marie dunn? Nothing feels better than receiving photos of babies wearing the slippers that I personally sat at my sewing machine to make! Further, I’m exceptionally flattered when I get orders from perfect strangers. There is a bit of expectation that my friends and family support my endeavors — but when an unexpected order from someone I’ve never met comes in, it is beyond fulfulling!

Do you have any inspiring words to the readers who are considering pursuing a career similar to [ little. ] by kelly marie dunn? For anyone considering a move outside of their traditional line of work, I’d counsel them to grow the new project as a side-hustle until it flourishes to a point of becoming a viable business. I haven’t given up being a talent manager–in fact it is still my primary career! My new brand is quietly building in an entirely separate space that I’ve made room for in my life and business. It’s sometimes very difficult to juggle the responsibilities of the new venture, and it’s a commitment… Still, it’s worth it!


If you’re not already dying to buy a pair or four for the newest addition in your life, let me make it even sweeter. Did I mention this lovable gift is only $20?–yeah, that was my same response. The official e-commerce site for [ little. ] by kelly marie dunn is underway and launching soon! Until then, shop with Kelly by clicking the picture above or by clicking here. Also be sure to follow more of Kelly Marie and her work via Instagram and Twitter.

Bring on the baby showers! xo.


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