Guest Entry: Passion, Professionalism, Pride.


Today’s entry comes from a very special and unexpected guest–my brother. This was the first paper he wrote in college and it blew me away. There are barely any words to describe the happiness I feel knowing that my little brother is doing something he loves to do–cook. Remember a little while ago you and I discussed How You Know When You’ve Found Your Passion,  well there was no way I couldn’t share this with you. Enjoy!

There are three words that are keys to success–”Passion”, “Professionalism”, and “Pride”. All are inspiring words, and can be both fragile and controlling; they can even be a downfall in some cases. Once you obtain these three words they can speak for you, they can change your identity, they can completely change you–good or bad. After you have them they work together like steps. Most importantly, they are the very things you need in order to taste what I call “Successful Success“.

The first ‘P’ is “Passion“. Passion is a spiritual word for me. It’s something you can’t buy, something you can’t force. Once you have it, it never fades. Finding your passion is like finding love; you weren’t looking for it, had no intention of finding it, but somehow it made its way to you. Once it’s crossed your path, you get this feeling of obsession. With passion, you will always have a glow in your eye. It’s a feeling worth more than a billion dollars. Passion is what keeps you dedicated, keeps you devoted, and keeps the strife in you. it gives you a special respect for passion. It makes you want to improve and always know about it. It keeps you doing what you love under any condition. No matter how many times you have to do it, you never get tired of the feeling you have when you’re doing what your passionate about. Once you find your passion you get this whole new respect for doing what you love. You see it completely different than others would. You literally appreciate every little thing about it. When you’re doing it, you tell yourself “I could do this for the rest of my life“. Passion is precious.

Then there’s the second ‘P’, “Professionalism“. How you present yourself to the world. How you choose to display your passion. Professionalism is the respect you have for your passion. It becomes how you speak, how you walk, how you address yourself–once again–how you present yourself. Professionalism is the motivation you get after you find that respect for your passion. It’s how far you push your education in your passion, how far you push yourself, and the lengths that you would go to in order to be the BEST at your passion.

Then last but not least, there’s “Pride”. Pride is the tricky one. It’s like salt. Just enough makes it perfect, but too much can easily ruin it. Pride is the confidence you show. Not only verbally, but physically. When someone sees you doing what your passionate about, they should see that look in your eye, the focus of your face, the smile it gives you when you look at that finished product. Knowing that it’s great–it’s amazing. That’s pride. Now, having said that it should go without saying that too much pride can surely make you egoist. Having confidence is a need. Confidence is key. Turning that confidence into cockiness is fairly easy. You must be confident enough to know that you’re good enough to, one day, become the “greatest there is,” but modest enough to know that you’re not perfect yet. You can never be perfect.

Passion, Professionalism, and Pride, as you can see, all work with each other in a cycle. Finding your passion motivates you to do it professionally and to the best of your ability. Once you have accomplished that, you know that you can be the best at it and show pride in everything you do. This displays your passion. “The Three ‘P’s” are gifts that can only be discovered. No one is born with them, they just haven’t found it yet, but once they do… the Three ‘P’ cycle will commence.  

-By Onyx.

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