#GoddessGuide: How to Start the Day

If we knew better, we’d do better… One positive thought. One attempt to be better. That’s all we need to be motivated to have a good day. Here’s my guide on starting the day, every day.goodday

  1. WAKE UP EARLY. This is where most of us go wrong. The later you wake up the more time you are taking away from yourself before you have to start handling business. The earlier you wake up the more time you have for important mood changers like eating breakfast, taking long showers, morning sex (if you’re lucky) and getting dressed comfortably.
  2. Wake up with an attitude of gratitude. Whether it be to wake up and pray to God or you lay in a moment of silent gratitude–show whoever you give thanks to for the breath of life your divine attention. Remember, someone else didn’t have the same privilege.
  3. Turn your ‘Morning Music’ on. My morning music is typically anything that comes on Erykah Badu Radio, but whatever music puts you in that ‘feel good’ mood, listen to it while you prepare for the day. Yes, in the shower. Yes, while you make breakfast. Yes. Yes. Yes.
  4. Get dressed properly. Although I’d recommend taking a cold (or the closest thing you can handle to cold) shower, take whichever kind makes you comfortable. Have time to dance around in your towel, brush your teeth, shave, comb your hair–all of the things that really make you feel like you’re “dressed” without having to rush. I like to select a couple different clothing options the night before so my decision isn’t so hard in the morning. It’s okay to dress down some days, but for the most part–dress the part.
  5. Eat breakfast. This is so important. It makes a huge difference in your attitude. Many people claim they don’t prefer to eat early in the morning, but it’s not a bad thing to get used to. Your body needs the nutrition. There are a ridiculous amount of options out there. Find out what works for you and stick with it! Don’t forget to include your tea, milk, or coffee!
  6. Make an accurate to-do list. I don’t know where I’d be without my “to-do-todaysies” list. Tackle the most rigorous thing in your day first and move on from there. Don’t forget to add in a proper lunch break and don’t mix days! Take on that day only. Leave whatever happened yesterday in yesterday and just hold off on worrying about tomorrow. That doesn’t mean neglect responsibility, but do NOT worry.
  7. Spread joy. Compliment as many people as you can on the way from home to school, work, or wherever you’re headed. Say good morning to everyone you pass by. Sure it sounds like a lot if you’re not used to it, but you will be astonished at how much good it spreads for you and the people you are complimenting and speaking to. It really can affect someone’s mood for the entire day. Keep in mind that it’s really hard to spread joy when you’re not feeling in tip-top shape yourself.

Try it out tomorrow and let me know how it goes! Here’s to the rest of your day today!

Peace and love, dear reader.


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