TGC Chats with Music Critic and Motivator, Jassi Lu


One of the best parts of my job is the amazing people I get to connect with. Today’s featured guest is Jassi Lu of JassiLu.com. Jassi Lu is a 22 year old music critic, interviewer, videographer and lover of all things music. She is a native of New York, but is currently pursuing her Degree in Mass Communications at Claflin University in South Carolina. She offers a ton of interviews and music reviews from ridiculously talented underground and upcoming music artists. On top of fostering her love for journalism and music she has also started a non-profit organization in the form of a clothing line by the name of “No Gossip”.

Learn more about Jassi Lu with me in this amazing interview. 

When I first learned of JassiLu.com I spent hours between the site and soundcloud and learned of so many talented artists I had never heard of before. How do you go about selecting the artists that you feature on JassiLu.com? ”It’s really based on sound. I really like to do reviews on people in the Hip-Hop culture. Mainly, my favorite sound is Indie. I’m not really into ‘ganster rap’. That Indie sound is what I really go for. That indie sound is just so graceful and so dope to me. I try to get into other genres, even if it’s not Indie, but If I’m not into it I try to let them know upfront.”

Entrepreneurship is never an easy journey, but I find it to be very fulfilling no matter how long my days and nights turn out to be. What’s a typical day in the life of Jassi Lu? “A typical day in the life of Jassi Lu…” she reflects. ”I wake up–I gotta thank God, of course. I gotta be happy and grateful for waking up. Then I think, ‘What am I gonna do today?’ I, then, open my email and I select about 5 songs and emails to review. After that I get ready, then still being a college student at Claflin, I go to class. After class I usually find myself editing some stuff and I’ll probably end up at the studio somewhere… so that’s pretty much a typical day in the life of Jassi Lu.”

Would you say what you’re doing now with JassiLu.com fits with the goals you have for your future? ”Yes, It’s definitely one of the goals that I have. My ultimate goal is to be a globally known motivational speaker. I feel like with me doing what I’m doing now, it’s helping me to get my name out there. JassiLu.com is helping me to expand toward my overall goal.”


You’re a student now, what year are you? “Girl I’m about to graduate!” I shared her excitement after learning she was so close to the finish line. I continued on with letting her know how honest I try to keep things with you here at TGC. If I would have known then what I know now, then I probably wouldn’t have finished school before following my dreams. I know that not every understands this choice that some people choose to make, but it’s important to recognize that not every dream requires the degree before the chase.  Do you have words of encouragement for those who may or may not have gone to college but are wanting to pursue a career similar to yours? “Listen, you don’t need school. You don’t need to listen to others around you. If you feel it in your gut that this is something you want to do then go for it. Make sure everything you do is positive. If you know you’re going to be a great journalist, or whatever you want to be, then be great, stay motivated, and stay away from negativity. If you wake up one day and say to yourself, ‘you know what? I’m gonna be happy from now on doing something I’m passionate about’, don’t let anyone take that away from you.”

I think it’s great that Jassi Lu is helping to spread the importance of that message on. I try my best to continue to motivate each and every reader that visits The Goddess Column to understand that there just isn’t a comparable feeling to following your heart and placing as much positivity in your life as possible. As much glory as it does bring though, you can’t ignore that you’ll face some hardships along the way. What’s been the hardest part about the recent pursuit of your dream? “The hardest part is basically still being in school. I know that once I get that degree then I can travel the world and do what I need to do. The hardest part is being kind of stationary for the moment.”


Blogging–is that what you’re doing? What do you formally call JassiLu.com? “That’s a good question. A lot of people call me a blogger, but I don’t see myself as a blogger. I see myself as a music critic. My site is just a site of free music from upcoming and underground artists. I don’t know just yet what my title is, but blogger? Mm-mm. That’s not it.” I feel like when people use the internet as a platform automatically we get pinned on to the title ‘blogger’, but depending on what it is, it has a tendency to make what I do here at TGC seem kind of invalid or less valuable.  Jassi Lu agreed with me by sharing, “Yeah, even with your site, like I don’t see your site as a blog. I see it functioning altogether. I don’t consider you a blogger, but a journalist. So that’s what I see myself as as well.”

When I say the word music where does your mind go from there? ”When I think of music I think of Heaven, you know? It makes the world go ’round. When I hear music I think of love. Happiness. Peace, you know? The many stories told behind the music. Ahhhh, it’s just so peaceful because a story is being told whether we even realize it or not!–it’s just–ahhh.” It was so hard for her to even contain herself when trying to explain what her soul feels when she hears music displaying that she is truly passionate about music and what she does in the music world.


Who would you say are some of the most memorable artist you’ve been able to work with through JassiLu.com? “Chrisette Michelle was just so–ahhh–amazing! Her personality was just ‘ughhhhh!’, she exclaimed. “We’re both from New York so the way we were talking, you know, she was so humble and so graceful, I just loved her. Another person who stood out was the rapper, Jae Tips, he’s out of New York too. He was sharing his story with me too and he sold his Yeezys (a Kanye West-designed shoe released from Nike retailing anywhere from $2,000 on up!) just to get on WorldStarHipHop. He sold something that meant and was worth so much just to be known for doing something that he loves! And last, but not least, was Elle Varner. She was just so cool to me.” I was sure to put in my request for whenever she meets Erykah Badu to let her know how much I love her, ha!

You’re from New York, but ended up in the South for school which is pretty much the opposite with me, ironically. We laughed. Are you going to be heading back to New York after you graduate? “I’m actually going to be moving to LA. I really want to work for Power 106. Their personalities and everything, I just love it. Once I move to L.A. I want to try and expand ” No Gossip ” a little bit more.” Tell me a little more about ” No Gossip “.. “ No Gossip ” is a non-profit I started back in December of 2013 and officially released Valentine’s Day of 2014. What inspired me to start ” No Gossip ” is that a lot of us females gossip, both young and old. We choose to use our words for the negative instead of positive and we need to flip that. ” No Gossip ” says, ‘we’re going to end this now’. I want to create a series of events this summer where I can speak to young women across the country and share with them that words are power; use them for good instead of gossip.”

How beautiful is that, right? Jassi Lu was a victim of this hate crime and so was I, so that really hit a soft spot when I learned of her non-profit organization. Feel free to shop ” No Gossip ” with Jassi Lu and help fund a great cause!


How would you describe your relationship between you and the people you feature on JassiLu.com? Is there a certain thing you try to get from them? For me, I do my best to get the real person out of the interview. What kinds of things you try to capture about them to share with your readers? “First, of course, I want to capture the ‘real them’. Then I ask them the ‘why’. Why do they do what they do? After the why, I try to ask the questions that not only I have, but that I feel most other people would want to ask as well.”

With her sharing how important it is to share the ‘why’ of someone’s story, it was only right that we asked for her why. Why did you feel the need to make JassiLu.com? What made you want to share other people’s talent with the world? ”My dad was a musician. Growing up in the heart of New York and around music, I feel like nobody pulled out his ‘why’. Nobody shared his story. I wanted to be that person of this generation to put that word out there and pull out that ‘why’. I wanted to be that person to discover the person who is similar to where my father was then.”


I hope that, like me, you were moved by Jassi Lu’s story. I can’t wait to see where she ends up after her move to L.A.!  Be sure to stay connected with Jassi Lu via Instagram and, of course, check her out at JassiLu.com.

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