Show Off Your Woman: 3 Simple Reasons to Be A Proud Suitor


Why do I need to show my woman off? I don’t really like people “in my business,”–I’m with her. Isn’t that enough?

Dear Men,

Were your thoughts anywhere along those lines when you clicked this article? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were, but honestly… no it isn’t enough. Remember when we talked about The Secret to Every Woman’s Heart? Well, I’ve got another important tidbit to share about what to do after you’ve won her heart. There are several ways to show off your woman, but only three reasons to show off your woman that actually seem to matter (at least to me). If posting pictures all the time on social media isn’t your thing, that’s no big deal at all. That is not the only way to show off your woman. You can show off your woman by introducing her to your closest friends and family. You can show your woman off by presenting meaningful gifts to her, demonstrating that you appreciate her. You can even show your woman off simply by holding her hand in public. And, no. You’re not doing it for other people. You’re doing it for her–just to be clear on that. Like I said, there are a number of different ways to show off your woman… but why do I need to do that? You might be asking. I’ll give you three simple reasons to show off your woman every chance you get. So, let’s get into it.


More often than not when we think of pride it is usually used to describe someone who is too prideful. I’m not using pride in that context here. I’m talking about the deep feeling of satisfaction that comes from your personal accomplishment to have embarked on a relationship with the woman you admire and have chosen to be with. I’m talking about being damn happy about finally bagging the one you’ve been wanting all this time. No matter how you choose to show off your woman, one of the reasons you should choose to do so is because you’re proud to be with her–no matter who sees. Also, this isn’t about just being proud of how she looks. It’s more importantly being proud of who she is–her ambitions, her goals, her values–her heart.


“Be with someone who gives you the same feeling of excitement as seeing your food coming to the table in a restaurant.” …or however that saying goes is a perfect example of what I’m trying to say here. Another ridiculously simple reason to show off your woman is because she makes you happy–and not just any kind of happy; she makes you the ‘my team won with a three-point shot at the buzzer’ kind of happy. The interesting thing about this reason for showing off your woman is that men are highly likely to feel this way, but men are very hesitant in showing it. I get it. You don’t want everybody in your business (and you probably don’t want to seem ‘whipped’, but again, you’re not doing this for anyone but her. What other people think don’t matter. I mean, she is that special, right? Show your woman off because of the divine happiness she provides you.


Last, but not least, show your woman off as a sense of security–for both of you. When you show your woman off because you’re proud to be with her and because of how much joy she brings to your life, you’re showing her that your secure in the relationship. You’re also showing her that she doesn’t have any outside threats to worry about. I’m not saying that temptation won’t arise because all women know a faithful man is a desperate/jealous woman’s target, but she won’t be worried about that kind of woman because of the man who is by her side. That’s what it’s all about… TRUST.

When you show your woman off for these simple reasons, you’re giving her even more reason to trust you. You can build a dynasty with trust. You can reach the end of time with trust. The options are truly endless when the two of you have trust. Don’t let your worry for what other people might think stop you from showing the woman you are building with that she means the world to you and that you’re proud to call her yours. If that’s not reason enough to show your woman off, I can almost guarantee you that things will become a lot more adventurous between the two of you on dates, in bed, and in everything else you do when you show her off for these three reasons! When she’s happy… you’ll be happy too.

How do you show off your woman? Share with me personally via email or share with all of us in a comment below. I can’t wait to hear your story.

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