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Dear men,

From now on you can look for us to get together every Monday. Monday is all about you on The Goddess Column from now on. Get excited! Anyway, I’ve noticed recently that we talk a lot about the importance of conversation and communication, but I’ve never really specified what sorts of things us women like to talk about. So, here are 4 topics women love to talk about. Let’s get into it!

Her latest project or endeavor.

Naturally, people enjoy talking about themselves. A woman loves being able to share her latest ideas, the big event she’s been planning for weeks now, or the next city she’ll be traveling to with you. Nothing makes her happier than knowing you’re interested in what she’s working on or where she’s going in life. It means a lot to us women and therefore, we want it to mean a lot to you. The next time you’re sitting down to dinner with her, instead of open-endedly asking her what she did today, be specific and ask her what the latest project she’s developing is about or what big plans she has for her new business, etc.


It doesn’t only have to be her favorite things. Women like these types of conversation appetizers, as we’ll call them, because they’ll get the conversation started. You’ll start off asking things like your favorite color, etc. but eventually you’ll roll up on a favorite that you both have in common and the conversation is sure to flow from there. Whether you get into talk about a certain time period you both miss because you have the same favorite song or you find out that you both love the same football team… I’m sure the conversation will have plenty of meaty goodness from there on out as you get to know each other.

Your future plans.

We absolutely want to know what your plans for your future are. We want to know what kind of car you’re expecting to drive in five years. We want to know whether or not you have a desire to get married and start a family or if you’d rather live in a loft in Downtown L.A. by yourself. These types of things are really important and naturally women will get into these details without being primed first. So, next time instead of waiting on her to ask you first or bring it up on her own, just jump right in and wow her with where you’re headed in life, King!


This one is kind of tricky, but still it would be a lie if I said this was not one of the things women enjoy talking about. We want the conversation to be tasteful and there is definitely a right time and place, but when the time is right and the conversation is sexy, not provocative… we love it. Trust me. Now, again the conversation MUST be tasteful, which means instead of saying “damn girl, I want you to sit on my face”, we’d much rather hear, “I enjoy pleasuring a woman with my tongue” instead. We’ll comprehend the message the same way, but it won’t piss us off and make us think you’re in it to please yourself and not us. That’s the key. She want so to hear what you’d like to do to her for the sake of her pleasure, not yours. What can I say? Us women want to be put first.

Well, I hope this helps! Don’t forget… it’s between the two of us! See you next Monday!


About Isis Nezbeth

Isis Nezbeth is a fresh, free-spirited freelance writer and author. She is a proud Twentysomething Scorpio woman who is dedicated to living freely and fulfilling her destiny in life. Her passions include writing, spreading joy, and making love. If she were stranded on a desert island, she’d need her Keurig, pens, paper, and the Baduizm album to die happily–or to survive until someone rescued her. Her greatest blessings in life are her family because even when she had nothing at all, they still made her rich beyond belief. She enjoys karaoke, spinach and mushroom pizza, and alcoholic beverages. Her end goal is to write enough to make at least three people change their life, to make a thousand people smile, and to some day afford a city view with the luxury of keeping her brandy in a decanter on the mantel. Connect with Isis @IsisNezbeth on social media networks.

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    • Goddess Isis Post author

      I completely agree! Honestly, even if you did do something interesting that day, that question just seems so basic and boring that it’s almost second nature to just say, “It was good.” Ya know?

      A man that is interested in my goals and endeavors is MOST DEFINITELY my kind of man!