50 Shades of Heels: A Test of True Love

50 Shades of Heels: A Test of True Love

She’s definitely everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Long hair. The baddest body ever made. She speaks well, she definitely smells good, AND your mother likes her. Sounds to me like you’ve got a catch. Yes. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you want her, right? Right. With recent scientific developments on the rise, one should ask himself, “Am I tugging on the wrong fish?”

Something (or someone) is amiss, or shall I say a mister.

Okay. Now that I have your attention, really digest what you just read. 

You’re probably thinking long hair! Smells good! My mama likes her! Wait… Scientific developments? Tugging? Wrong fish? Amiss!?!

Yes the puns were a bit overkill, but I really had to drive this message home. That girl that you find attractive…you know…the one your mother likes? Yea. She’s a man. 


Calm down. I’m not “spilling any T” or “throwing any shade”…yet. But I do want to note that the transition from male to female is not only becoming more seamless, it’s becoming more prominent as well. 

In the beginning, I never really noticed. 

But now that I look back, I guess I never really paid attention. 


We’ve all seen a man dressed as a woman, at some point of our life. Wesley Snipes, Robin Williams, Rosie O’Donnell. Recently, I’m starting to see this occurring more often and in a much more positive light. I don’t think of a campy woman with big hair and a sparkly, sequin pink dress when I imagine a man dressed as a woman. Now I’m seeing boobs. And legs for days. Faces and hair and even a butt. Men are starting to get better at looking like women than women are. 


So really I guess my question for the male species is:

If you found out that a girl you’ve been feeling or interested in was a woman now (we’re talking passable pre-operation (pre-op) and post-operation (post-op)? ) would you stay with her?

That was a lot to ask in one question. So soon. 

I’ve come across pictures of some extremely attractive women who have actually turned out to be men. We all have. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s nothing to be embarrassed of. I’ve seen mermaids too. And honestly, they do a great job hiding their fin.

And things are really changing. 


If this is a question of sexual orientation, think about it technically. 

Would you still date her? Why not? She’s beautiful. And as I’ve previously stated, your mom likes her. Technically she’s a woman now. A woman who likes men. So that makes her “straight”. And you’re a man–a man who likes women. So that makes you “straight”. And even if she still has her ‘member’, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? And inside she’s a woman.  

I’ll answer it first. I’m pretty shallow, but only just a little. So yes–I would still date her, but only if she’s pretty. And she has to be tall. With long legs. Hair. Eh. It just needs to be done–and nicely. Make up: whatever MUAs call a ‘natural look’ with minimal color. In other words, she’d have to be my definition of perfect. 


I dunno. Can you mention someone’s name without getting sued? Amiyah Scott is pretty to me; And her body is nice.

So, would you date someone if you found out she used to be a man? Keep in mind that she’s passable, beautiful, and the girl of your dreams. 

When I first started writing this, it was going to be about whether or not I think a man can date a transsexual female and still be considered straight. I still say yes, but I thought it would be more fun to write about the other question instead. And asking would they. Or have you. 

If your answer is yes, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Honestly, the true hallmark of a man is the comfort in his sexuality… and what great a sign of true comfort than dating a newly transformed woman. It does not make a man gay to date a post-op transsexual female. I would even say the same for pre-op, except my mind couldn’t fathom how sexual relations would occur. 

You fell in love with her personality. Maybe this is a true testament that you fell in love with the person, not the woman.