50 Ways to Know ‘We’re Going Steady’

Have you ever been talking to someone and all of a sudden you realize how serious their feelings are for you? Don’t think that you two would have to be talking for a long time either. I’m always telling you that actions speak louder than words. It could be possible that the reason they feel so strongly for you and the reason they believe that you two are going steady is because you’ve done one or more of the things my Public Relations Director, Shanese, and I put together in this list of very true, yet hilarious things that may lead the person you’re “talking to” to believe that you two “go together”. For many of you, you’ll see that you are guilty of more than a few of these actions, so this post is to basically let you know that you MUST BE CAREFUL of what your actions say to the person who wants to get close to you and that you must take the time to read what their actions are trying to say to you! Let’s get into it!

go together

  1. If I buy you name brand peanut butter (when I don’t even like peanut butter)… we go together.
  2. If I cook two out of the three meals you eat per day… we go together.
  3. If I take you to eat anywhere that does not have a ‘value menu’… we go together.
  4. If you tell me you’re doing something for me that you’ve never done in another relationship… we go together.
  5. If we go on a picnic… we go together.
  6. If we have candle lit dinner… we go together.
  7. If you hold my hand in public places… we go together.
  8. If you go through my phone… we go together.
  9. If you have more than three CLEAN and FOLDED articles of clothing at my house… we go together.
  10. If I wash your clothes… we go together.
  11. If you have a choice of what shoes, shirt, and/or sleepwear you’re going to wear at my house… we go together.
  12. If you have a personal towel set in my bathroom… we go together.
  13. If you have a personal toothbrush in my bathroom… we go together.
  14. If you were introduced to my parents by name… we go together.
  15. If I was introduced to your parents by name… we go together.
  16. If you spend more than two nights per week at my house… we go together.
  17. If you have an endless option to stay at my house… we go together.
  18. If you’re in my house and I’m not… we go together.
  19. If you drive my car without having to replace my gas… we go together.
  20. If I clean your ears… we go together.
  21. If I cut your toe nails… we go together.
  22. If I clean your finger nails… we go together.
  23. If I do your hair… we go together.
  24. If you buy my personal items… we go together.
  25. If I touch your feet… we go together.
  26. If we shower together… we go together.
  27. If you’ve seen me in my head-wrap/bonnet… we go together.
  28. If you’ve seen me with “Celie braids”… we go together.
  29. If you’ve seen me with “Celie braids” and no makeup… WE ARE MARRIED.
  30. If I’ve given you any money towards a bill… we go together.
  31. If you’ve given me any money towards a bill… we go together.
  32. If I’ve nursed you back to health… we go together.
  33. If you’ve farted in my bed… we go together.
  34. If you’ve had a bowel movement in my house without spraying air freshener… we go together.
  35. If you’ve peed while I was in the bathroom… we go together.
  36. If you’ve talked to me while ‘on the toilet’… we go together.
  37. If you’ve questioned me about other men… we go together.
  38. If you tell me I’m the only person you’re sleeping with… we go together.
  39. If we’re together so much that people automatically assume that we go together then… we go together.
  40. If we spend consistent quality time together and sex is not required… we go together.
  41. If you have ever given me ANY reason to go to a clinic and use my insurance card… we go together.
  42. If I’ve completed any work that was not assigned to me personally by my professor for you… we go together.
  43. If I’ve done anything excessively freaky with you in bed… we go together.
  44. If my tongue has ever touched your ass… we go together.
  45. If you are my emergency contact for ANY reason… we go together.
  46. If your boss knows who I am… we go together.
  47. If you don’t have a job and I still fxck with you… we go together.
  48. If you send a text that automatically converts to a multimedia message… YOU CARE and… we go together.
  49. If I have to explain ANY decision I make to you… we go together.
  50. If I have ever had to fight, argue, or get my ass whooped on the account of YOUR NAME… we go together.

Hopefully, you laughed a good bit, but also have a better idea of some things that scream “WE GO TOGETHER”. If you don’t really like someone or have no intentions of being serious with that person, don’t take advantage of boyfriend or girlfriend privileges. It’s just flat out misleading and hurtful to the person who is choosing to invest their time and emotions in you!

Peace and love, dear reader.


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