7 Deadly Beauty Sins

 Deadly Beauty Sin #1: Sleeping with your makeup on.

After a long day of work and a few cocktails, SLEEP is the only focus. Ladies, we have all been there and fell victim to not sleeping with a fresh face. YIKES, this is the ultimate NO-NO!  Sleeping in our “look of the day” can not only cause acne, clogged pores, and eye irritation–but it’s just gross. Do you really want all the germs that you have been in contact with, sharing a bed with you?

Sleeping with a fresh face rids your face of dead skin and bacteria. The few extra minutes it will take to wash off your makeup are definitely worth it. Cleansing is like a breath of fresh air and gives your skin time to renew itself!

Deadly Beauty Sin #2: Not sleeping in the proper position.

Sleeping on the side of your face stops blood circulation, causing dark rings around your eyes and early signs of wrinkles.

Deadly Beauty Sin #3: Popping pimples

Before even heading over to the facts, let’s start by saying pimple popping is gross. Many people go this route for instant relief from pimples, but honestly it only makes the situation worst. By popping that pimple, you are now spreading the bacteria to other areas on your face and guess what? OUCH, that will surely leave a scar!

Deadly Beauty Sin #4: Not moisturizing properly.

To moisturize or not to moisturize… ladies, once your face is clean, it is essential to use a moisturizer to rehydrate your skin. Different types of skin will require different products, so you have to test around to find your go-to product that will work. Whether you have oily, dry, combination or normal skin, it is important to use something that fits YOU! No one wants a dry, itchy face.

Also, don’t overdo it! Yes, we tend to take things overboard at times, but over-moisturizing is just as bad as not using anything at all. Overuse of a moisturizing product can clog pores and suffocate your face, so lay it on easy.

Deadly Beauty Sin #5: Biting your nails.

Feeding on your nails will not curve your appetite or lessen your stress, plain and simple! Many people blame anxiety and stress for their gnawed look, but in all actuality this “nervous habit” is a very bad one. All the germs and infectious organisms on your hands have now entered your body, just think about how unhealthy it really is.

Deadly Beauty Sin #6: Smoking

Drop the Cigs, grab some figs! Ok let’s be honest, who really like figs but it rhyme, so figs it is! Smoking ages skin and causes discoloration. Also, this bad habit causes wrinkles around the mouth area from constant puckering, yellow teeth and plaque buildup. Yuck.

Deadly Beauty Sin #7: Not cleaning your makeup brushes properly.

Clean those makeup brushes! Unclean brushes are equally as bad as having an unclean face. Clean brushes are bacteria-free tools that ease the application for a flawless face. Dirty brushes spread dirt, oil and bacteria which is laying nothing but the foundation for horrific acne. Also, dirty brushes spread viral infections, like pinkeye, so it is essential for your face and health to clean ALL those brushes.


Here’s to staying pretty, ladies!


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