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Nothing makes me feel happier than waking up feeling amazing and looking out the window only to find a bright, beautiful day ahead of me ready to be conquered. Nothing makes me more disappointed than having to miss a beautiful day because I don’t know how to make the best of it. Put your lazy days behind you and try out any of these seven ways to make the best of your sunny day!

  1. Sit Outside. Whether it’s just for your 30 minute lunch break or you have plenty of time on your hands, enjoy sitting in the sun for some part of it! Go to cafe, restaurant, or just hang out on the bench that gets the most sun. Your skin will thank you and you’ll love soakin’ up the sun!
  2. Go to the Park. I love going to the park. This option definitely expands the possibilities listed in option number one. Make the park an accompanied trip if you’re feeling up to it. Bring your best friends, your children, your honey–you name it. Everyone is sure to enjoy themselves.
  3. Enjoy Outside Shopping. I’m sure that there is at least one area in your city or town that allows you to do some outdoor shopping. Although the mall is great, flea markets, outlets, and other outside malls are great options for a sunny day activity.
  4. Go for a Swim. Swimming is one of my all-time favorite pastimes and is also my favorite form of exercise. I won’t confine you to where you should swim, but PLEASE make sure you’re safe and never go alone. If you’re not a swimmer, grab a lawn chair, throw on your best swimsuit and soak up some sun anyway!
  5. Go Sightseeing. It doesn’t have to be somewhere new. It doesn’t have to be in or away from your hometown, but it’s an excellent way to enjoy the day. The zoo, your favorite cafe to do some people-watching, or a new place altogether… just get out and see some stuff!
  6. Have a Picnic/Cookout. Who doesn’t love a picnic? A picnic is always a great idea and it’s something that can be enjoyed with or without company. Grab a great book, your comfiest blanket and your sweetest sins and enjoy that beautiful sun!
  7. Water sports. You could go fishing, tubing, water skiing, take a boat ride–the options have a tendency to seem endless there! It’s so much fun and so refreshing! You won’t be disappointed.

I hope we all find ways to enjoy these ideas and bask in a glorious sunny day! Share with us your favorite ways to spend a sunny day!

Peace, love, and light, dear reader.


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